SMF Challenge October 2023: Ciaglia/Plain Straight Line

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Oh here comes the hard part voting!🤔. It usually takes me a while to make a decision, but I'm going to have to be quick about it tonight because I'm leaving to go out of town to Kelowna for a couple days and won't be back home in time to vote! So I'd better get my thinking cap on! Lol🧐.
Say hi to @Misschief !
Hi @Misschief @KiwiMoose just told me to say hi so I'm guessing you must be from Kelowna. I'm coming to Kelowna for a couple days so if you let me know where you sell your soaps I'll come and buy some. I think I remember you saying you sell them at some winery's.🥰
I AM in Kelowna. You just missed the East Kelowna Market (today), my "home" market. I make wine and cider soaps for the View winery (also up in East Kelowna). There's a lot to see and do here and the weather's been gorgeous... cold and sunny.
I AM in Kelowna. You just missed the East Kelowna Market (today), my "home" market. I make wine and cider soaps for the View winery (also up in East Kelowna). There's a lot to see and do here and the weather's been gorgeous... cold and sunny.
Cool 👍 I will try the View winery! 😃 It will give me something fun to do while I'm there. I use to live in Kelowna and I'm coming there to see my family doctor. I live in Caribou now and they have no doctors here.
It's not a magic cure, but it can help a little. It depends how naughty the FO is.
I was backtracking and read your post after I put my comment up @KiwiMoose. Now I’m gonna have to try the wicked FO with the citrus EO, but it will not be a pioneering experiment after all. I’ll be standing on the shoulders of those who know!
For my example batch, I poured the ciaglia first with a cardboard divider already wedged into the corner of the mold, and then as I poured the ciaglia portion I leaned the cardboard over the top to the opposite corner until the ciaglia was encapsulated into a triangle shape. I left it sitting in the mold with the cardboard on top while I mixed up the plain part. When that was ready to pour I dragged the cardboard divider up the diagonal, scraping it against the top edge of the mold to ensure a slick edge. Gave it a quick press over the top with a flat knife to ensure it was straight, and then poured the plain into the triangular shaped cavity left in the mold. I preferred the ciaglia first because I was using an accelerating FO with the ciaglia so i knew I would get a crisp edge to put the plain soap directly onto in the same soaping session.
Can I just say I'm well jel of how fine some of you can get your ciaglia 'lumps'. I can't seem to get mine as fine as that, no matter how much I stick blend!
Great tips there, @KiwiMoose! Genius idea to use a mold divider as a flattening device + scraper! I used a popsicle stick, which worked decently enough - the mold divider would have been so much better. Next time!
I will be there around 1:00pm tomorrow and will probably come home on Monday after we do some shopping I'd love to meet and bring you some of my soaps too maybe we could meet somewhere or like a Tim Hortons for a coffee or something! That would be fun I'm just busy packing right now lol @Misschief
What part of town will you be in?
We will be around orchard mall and H2O but we could meet at a Tim Hortons close to where you are sometime today we are just leaving now! I wanted to leave at 7 this morning but everyone slept in so I might not be there till 2 ish I could come meet you after I drop off my 15 year old at H2O while I go shopping. @Misschief

Soap stamps would have disqualified my entry, but I love the space for the soap stamp created with the bar at the side. I first saw using a sidebar in @Ford ’s beautiful soaps. It’s also the same type of design format used on my networking (not-really-a-business) card.

The square space is perfect for a graphic stamp. While looking for my music love stamp, I saw the maple leaf. It’s perfect for the fragrance blend I used, but a tad bit small. I wish I had been able to capture the gold mica reflection in the stamp as well as the sparkle in the gold bar in the photo. I think it would have worked better outside, but it’s raining today. 🌧️🌧️🌧️
Congratulations, you three winners! Well deserved. @ScentimentallyYours, I LOVE your stamping, it looks so great on the soap. I have bought some stamps and I cannot for the life of me get the hang of it. ETA: if the dragon on the "what soapy thing" thread is a stencil, you are also amazing at that.
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