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Aug 6, 2021
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California USA
I intended to make soap for the April straight lines challenge to accomplish two things at once, one being the challenge and the other to get a color chart of sorts so I'd know how each of my infused oils colors look. My original plan was to do some 1 cm lines, then tilt the mold on an angle and do triangles on the sides, with 1 cm lines in the the middle of the triangles, then finish off with more 1 cm lines. After doing the first two lines, I gave up on that due to my containers and blender being too big to properly stick blend. I tried using the little coffee frother thing with the disk and that just put too many bubbles in the batter, so I changed the rest of the layers to 1.5 cm. After taking it out of the mold, I see my corrugated plastic cardboard mold isn't ideal because it's wider at the bottom than the top. Anyhoo, here's my color chart soap. Starting at the bottom: turmeric, Himalayan rhubarb, annatto seed, and alkanet root infused olive oils, then spirulina and indigo powders in the lye water, using ocean water. I also masterbatched my lye water, which was a new one for me.


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