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Apr 19, 2019
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To kick off 2024, I had fun making kaleidoscope and ebru soaps. From top to bottom, scented with Oregon Trails Green Tweed, OT German Chamomile and Nurture's Seventh Heaven blended with some Litsea:


ETA: sneaking this next batch in. I had it stashed away in the dark because the colorants include Spirulina, along with annatto, Himalayan rhubarb and activated charcoal.


I also took a chance and used 2+ year old dandelion-infused olive oil to make this simple layered soap. The oil smelled absolutely fine, but I was prepared for crazy acceleration. Much to my surprise, the dandy batter behaved perfectly while the brand new GV OO from Walmart that I used for the white layer wanted to make soap on a stick. Isn't the yellow gorgeous?! Scented with a citrus and ginger FO blend.


Some time ago I bought a 5-way split cup - the kind they make for acrylic pouring - and finally got around to using it. To keep the batter as perfect as possible for this technique, I hand-stirred both batches to emulsion/very light trace and used very well-behaved FOs (OT Bonsai for the blue and green soap and Be Scented's Karma for the multicolor soap). One of the greens in the first batch was a wee bit shy of where it should have been trace-wise, but otherwise all was good and the batter for both soaps remained fluid even though I had to refill the cup a few times for each batch. I am just amazed by the level of feathering detail that can be achieved with the cup without muddying of the colors.


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Yay! We get to see some Mobjack soaps! All of them are gorgeous. The feathering in the last ones is amazing and now I want to buy a split cup. 😍 😍 😍

ETA: is the yellow only from the dandelion? If so, that's very impressive.
Yay! We get to see some Mobjack soaps! All of them are gorgeous. The feathering in the last ones is amazing and now I want to buy a split cup. 😍 😍 😍

ETA: is the yellow only from the dandelion? If so, that's very impressive.
Thank you ❤️. Yes on the yellow being 100% from the dandelions. It was oil from a jar that was packed full with dried dandelions. The split cup has a lot of potential and yes, you should get one! I’m looking forward to trying different color combos and different ways of pouring from the cup into the mold.
Wowweeeee! All just beautiful! I love the first pull though, as it reminds me of those little Lithop succulents.
I’m in awe of that yellow being from dandelions - I noticed a bunch at work and was considering harvesting them before the landscapers mow them away, but now I’m off for 2 weeks so they will probably be gone when I get back.
Those are all incredibly beautiful. In addition to being technically perfect, your color combinations are amazing. I am now embarrassed that I purported to give you advice on pull throughs, it should have been the other way around! Where did you get the discs? I wanted a rectangular set like those but don't remember seeing them at Wild Plantanica or Love Your Suds.
Love, love them all, I have oil infused with dandelions and just thought yesterday I might throw it out, but now will have to make some soap, I have no clue how old it is, but who cares it's only for us.

I've been wanting to do kaleidoscope soaps for a while, the price of the mould/discs has held me back. I keep looking on Aliexpress which are quite reasonable, but then again I have some credit on Amazon, they charge twice the price for the same thing which I think is from China.
Wow!! Those are all gorgeous!!
Now I'm going to need to pick dandelions for soap. I have a set of little divided cups for paint pouring and was just thinking about trying to use them yesterday. Now I'm really excited to try, thanks for sharing!!
Thank you all! ❤️❤️❤️

For anyone who hasn’t made a dandelion infusion before, it’s easy and you should give it a try! The most important step is to thoroughly dry the flowers. I use my food dehydrator. The flowers may begin to expand as they dry, but that’s okay. I fill quart size mason jars with dried flowers, add oil to completely fill the jars and then leave the jars to infuse in an out of the way place. (And that’s how a jar ends up in the back of a cabinet infusing for 2+ years). I make a fair amount of infused oil because I also make dandelion salve.

@Relle - I’ve always worried a bit about plant infusions degrading, but now I’m wondering if perhaps the various antioxidants in dandelion actually helped to preserve the oil.

The split cup I have is this one. It’s 500 ml and very easy to clean.

@not_ally so much of what I know about soap making came from reading posts here on SMF, including yours. It’s great to have you back! For the round pull through soaps, I have a set of disks from Wild Plantanica. I bought 6” clear acrylic tubes so I can better see what I’m doing, and have limited myself to making 5 soaps at a time while I’m learning. (And I did not share my batch that looks like a series of MRIs 🤣). The rectangular soaps in the third photo are ebru, not pull through, but I think WP also makes rectangular disks.
So, this post has totally (and happily) up-ended my day! I have so many things I should be doing but I just keep coming back to this post, looking at it over and over again. 😂 I’m in the early months of my soaping journey; obsessing and learning all the time. I’m pretty much in awe of what can be done with the science and art of soap making! Thanks for sharing these extraordinary soaps — and the idea of a split cup. I’m gonna try that!
I bought 6” clear acrylic tubes so I can better see what I’m doing
@Mobjack Bay, where did you get the acrylic tubes? I think I looked for those but couldn't find one with a 3" inner diameter (or whatever it was that fit the discs, I may be mis-remembering.) Also, was the square mold the Crafter's Choice/WSP column one? Sorry, promise no more supplier questions after this.