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Nov 26, 2021
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These are my color samples. I got the idea from Lisa Cunningham "I dream in soap" YT 20240125_123011.jpgvideo.
She stores hers in poker chip holders, but I didn't want to buy anything. These are in a tackle box, with pieces of white card stock under the samples to cradle them. 20240122_155708.jpgThe samples make it easier to pick colors. These are made in a 20ml/g cup size molds from Amazon. They only have about 14-15g of batter in each,1/32t of mica would be the same as 1t. PP.
BAKER DEPOT 15 Holes Cylinder Silicone Mold for Handmade soap Chocolate Jelly Pudding DIY Resin Mould Hole Dia: 1.5 inch Vol: 20ml Set of 2

I found it easiest to put a few drops of oil in each cup, add the mica on top of the oil, let it sit, then stir it. It is much easier to put the batter in a squirt bottle and squirt a little in the cup. Mix it gently, then add more, mix more. I was counting to 20 when stirring in the last of the batter... some colors that wasn't enough stirring. I tried using a frother, that just put a lot of bubbles in the batter and made the color lighter. I just used a small silicone spatula that was maybe a 1/2"wide. I used a piece of paper drew a diagram of the mold and wrote the number of the color sample in each cup. There is no way I could remember all that. I made mistakes, put the wrong color in a cup, so I just changed the numbers on the paper. It's the only thing that matters.

Each piece is numbered and each container of mica/ oxides is numbered, there is also a list of the numbers on the cover of the box they are in, with the name of the color next to the number. I did make the list in alphabetical order, and will keep a separate list that is alphabetical just for ordering purposes.
Write in pencil on the list on the cover, pencil will not dissolve if oil gets on it or put it in a plastic sleeve. 20240123_152215.jpgThis is my containers in an ammo box, I needed them to be portable. There are 2 layers, the top is in a tray made from corrigated plastic.

Looking at pretty colors makes me happy. If you find photos with colors you like it's easy to take a sample and compare it to the photo. If the photo color is between two colors, make a new color by mixing them. Save some for a sample, record what you did... even if it's not written at 1t ppb/o at least you have a record and can duplicate it.