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Jul 25, 2007
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Okay, for all you saavy mathemeticians, this is going to be a no-brainer. However, for us right-brainers, it's a bit tricky. Does anyone out there package their soaps/lotions/salts, etc. in case packages for wholesale? If so, could you recommend a box manufacturer? I'm guessing I should probably put my lotions into cartons with dividers, but... don't have a clue. Right now, I'm using 7 x 5 x 3 corrugated from Papermart for case packs of 12 soaps; however, I'd like to find something that's shelf-worthy; that is, it can go right from the box to the shelf. And I'm transporting my lotions, salts, butters, etc., in boxes I'm getting from MY suppliers! Not so professional, right? Just another case where my "selling" mentality is one step ahead of my "preparedness."

Packaging. The bane of my existence. Feedback?
yea know. i never really thought about this. I always ship with bubble wrap and popcorn.. this is interesting..

but i try to keep it as cheap as possible.

I have been networking with a lady that I met online - she told me that she buys her stuff at - also look at they may have what you want. :D
Try Uline. They always have good deals and a variety of boxes and shipping equipment. And the minimum order is pretty low. Right now, I don't have gads of available storage space for boxes, so this is important. Soap just takes over!