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Sep 27, 2022
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I love me some gadgets, and I've been eyeing a Cricut hard for a while now.

For packaging, I've found an off-the-shelf box I'm happy with, but I'm hand-cutting die-cut shaped labels, and even though I'm a samurai with an x-acto, it's getting old. The idea of an endless supply of kiss-cut die-cut labels on printed 8.5x11 sheets is VERY intriguing.

On the subject of labeling, I love shiny foil, but I've got champagne taste on a Coors light budget. What is the low down on foiling?

For other packaging needs, simple cuts and scoring of cover stock would be a huge time saver. That's a magical Cricut thing, too, right?

And engraving/etching is intriguing... like on all sorts of stuff like leather, wood, aluminum, cork? Is there no end in sight? There has to be a limit to what one can do.

I know the machine purchase is just a drop in the bucket compared to all the other accouterments required to make all my Cricuty dreams come true.... so lay it on me! Just how big is this rabbit hole, and would you do it again?
Okay! I used to work at Michaels, so here is a tip. If you ever have a problem with it, DO NOT TAKE IT BACK TO THE STORE! Cricut has really good customer service; at least they did back then and I have no reason to think they've changed. Their support team will do everything they can to fix your machine, and if they can't, they will replace it!
Sorry to disappoint - no enabling here - I’m just not even going to start with those. 🤣🤣🤣
When my MIL passed, she had so many machines, accessories, paper, tool - literally several large totes worth of it all. I pondered for a moment and then sold the entire lot of it to a dear friend. Crisis averted, but I am a tiny bit sad sometimes thinking about things I could have made…. 🌸
Cricut. It can be an excellent supporting piece of equipment. Tags, labels, cards, all very easily done. Etching is easier than I thought. Have not used foiling with Cricut so can’t speak to that. Boxes take time as the largest can only be cut one or two at a time. Smaller boxes go fairly fast. It’s an amazing machine. Watch some of the videos on line to learn. Sign up for Design Space with Cricut for $98 a year and there are endless freebies. I love my Cricut.
I love my cricut. I bought it for custom labels and boxes and ended up making signs and other decor for my booth. Oh, and stuff for the family. And oh it's so much fun. I totally don't want to sell it (and I have been asked if I will) but it's a good time to be creative. And unlike soaping I can sit on my behind on the couch and do it.

I haven't done foiling because it's expensive. Etching is really easy, just use removable vinyl as the stencil, then put etching cream on the spots you want to etch. It only works on glass though.

Next time I buy one of these, I want to get a maker.
I own a Cameo and use it for labels using printable vinyl. It also gets used for signs and other display items. I used to use it to do our boxes buy could only do one at a time and when looking at the cost of my time to cut then decided pre-made boxes were a better use of my time. I have also used it to make our shirts, signage and even the vinyl of our tablecloth and tent. The possibilities are endless!

Whatever machine you pick there is a rabbit hole of creativity and cost but also lots of freebies out there.
How about a pic.gif
Thank you all so much for this! Lots to think about!

I think I'm going to try to go see one in person. I love the idea of die-cutting labels, and it seems perfect for that. But it appears that boxes would probably just be faster and cheaper to buy, and I already have a box I'm happy with. I was hoping to get extra value from it like for engraving and debossing, like on cards and possibly thin metal for packaging, but watching a few videos, I'm a little suspicious of how neat and clean the engraving is on things like tin, etc.

Thank you all so very much for this!

@Zany_in_CO If I do end up with one I will definitely be sharing LOTS of pictures!
I have a Cricut that I originally bought for creating designs for my signature Krewe throws for Mardi Gras. I have used it occasionally for signage/display items for my soap business, but honestly it's just too fiddly and time-consuming to be efficient for me per labels or packaging. I have a FT job and just don't have time for all that weeding!!
Foiling on the other hand is pretty fast and easy. Gorgeous shiny metallic labels ready to stick on your favorite pre-made boxes! You will need a laser printer (I got a very basic Canon from Amazon for around $80), a laminator (I strongly recommend the full size Minc -as it's meant specifically for foiling - again I bought from Amazon for around $120), and the reactive foil which runs around $12 per roll on Amazon and comes in a nice variety of colors.
I use the glossy labels from onlinelabels.com and their Maestro label design program is free with a purchase and is sooo much easier and more cost-effective than any of the Avery products. No more wonky, off-center labels and less expensive, so yay!
All you do is design your labels and print them in black on your laser printer. The foil adheres to everything printed black, so I do reverse designs - like a black text box with white text for a more dramatic effect.
Turn on the Minc and set it to the #3 level (best for foiling labels) and cut your foil with enough room to cover all of the black on your labels. Place it in the plastic sleeve that comes with the Minc and smooth out any bubbles or creases. When the Minc is ready just guide it through and smooth it out again when it's done. Wait about 30 seconds and peel the sleeve back and voila...the foil peels back to reveal the most gorgeous foiled labels!
So a Cricut that I paid $200 for or the $200 I spent for a laser printer and a Minc laminator? The foiling system beats the Cricut hands down for me! The cost of vinyl for the Cricut is similar to the reactive foil for the Minc,
@MelissaG IMPRESSIVE! And world-class enabling too ;) Thank you so much for sharing that! The cuts on your labels and bar wraps look clean and crisp (not to mention your products look utterly divine! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ). Your home decor is just lovely! I am very very impressed.

@cerelife Thank you so much! That sounds really interesting and very much like what I was hoping to achieve.

Darn. Now I have even MORE choices. 😂
I use my Cricut to make greeting cards. You can find all kinds of card tutorials on YouTube. I just adapt them for use on the Cricut. Sam Calcott and Jennifer McGuire are two of my favorite card makers. You can also make boxes and gift bags. Design Space has lots of projects and svg files.
I use my Cricut to make greeting cards. You can find all kinds of card tutorials on YouTube. I just adapt them for use on the Cricut. Sam Calcott and Jennifer McGuire are two of my favorite card makers. You can also make boxes and gift bags. Design Space has lots of projects and svg files.
Ok, now you caught me! I am not a card person myself, but I am married to one, haha! I am constantly having to make last minute runs to buy cards for special occasions. But if I had something on hand to be able to make one, well, now.... 🤩🤓!! Ok @Ephemerella you started all this, so I think you are the enabler, along with @lsg!
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Thank you everyone lol. The home decor stuff is used to decorate my market tents. Oh except for the little snowman, that was a gift for my husbands aunt. This stuff is soooo much fun. I have other stuff too, like paper houses and things. I just don't have pics of them. I'm going to make this shadow box with an easter bunny in an egg to decorate my booth for easter. I also have a 3d bunny to display for it. This is a very fun little toy as much as it is useful for other stuff too.

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