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  1. MellonFriend

    Lots of Lotions

    On Saturday my sister and I made a bunch of lotion bars and I made a liquid goat tallow lotion for the first time. We had way too much fun and love the results of our "work". This first one is uncolored and scented with lavender eos. This one was our first attempt at coloring them. We...
  2. IMG_7649.JPG


    More pale yellow spots
  3. IMG_7648.JPG


    No spots on this side of the bar
  4. Sunflower IMG_4652.jpg

    Sunflower IMG_4652.jpg

  5. Sunflower IMG_4651.jpg

    Sunflower IMG_4651.jpg

  6. Butterfly - top

    Butterfly - top

    Tallow+lard+coconut oil
  7. Kcryss

    Lard/Tallow Pasture/Grass Fed vs Grain Fed

    For others that also render their own fats: Previously, the butcher has been giving me fat from grain fed animals. However, they are doing grass and pasture fed right now and so that's what they are giving me. The resulting lard/tallow seems to be less white ... more yellow/golden and is much...
  8. A

    Deodorizing Beef Tallow

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how to deodorize beef tallow? I have been making soap with tallow and LOVE it! I would like to start making some skin care products with the tallow as well but am not having any luck deodorizing it. I tried a whipped tallow balm recipe recently and it was...
  9. C

    Tallow soap very soft--CP

    My 100% tallow soap took forever to trace, and only after I put the bowl in hot water. 0% superfat 129.37 g lye 300 g water 2 lbs tallow After trace, 45 g water 2 tsp sugar 0.2 oz citric acid Combined at temps 117 for tallow, 120 for lye solution Stick and hand mixed for over 30 minutes...
  10. Kcryss

    Lard/Tallow Combo Soap

    Working on a formula for a good lard/tallow combo. Any advice would be much appreciated. :) I have very dry skin so like to keep the cleansing down as much as possible. Any way to bring up the bubbly a bit or will this be nice lathery bar the way it is? TIA :) Here's what I have so far:
  11. Teapot

    Shaving soap - tallow or dripping?

    Hello soapers. UK soaper here. I want to try making some shaving soap, and after reading through this monster thread: https://www.soapmakingforum.com/threads/my-first-shaving-soap-is-a-success.34264/ I'm about ready to try some test batches, and want to try the initial recipe (stearic acid and...
  12. Adobehead

    Spanish name for beef fat for tallow

    Hi All, I want to render some tallow to use in place of palm in my soap but have forgotten how to ask for the fat at the butcher here in México where I live. I got some that he referred to as "rinionada" but it is not behaving the way I expected. There is another word that I knew a few years...
  13. Emily4028

    First cocoa butter soap

    Hi all, I’m a beginner looking to make a conditioning soap with a creamy lather that leaves skin feeling super soft. I came up with the following recipe using soapcalc and several forums on this site. It’s my first time using cocoa butter. I just tried it after 1 week of curing (I couldn’t...
  14. OklahomaJamie

    2 Year Old Tallow

    I purchased a 50# box of beef tallow from Columbus Foods almost 2 years ago. It is unopened and has been stored in a bedroom. Should I toss it and get a new one? Or is it OK to use for soapmaking?
  15. Saby

    Walmart GV Shortening.

    I was considering using the Walmart GV Shortening, tallow, palm from Walmart, but (Great Value Prepared from Meat Fats & Vegetable Oils Shortening) there is no palm in the ingredients list. Ingredients: BEEF TALLOW, LARD, HYDROGENATED BEEF TALLOW, SOYBEAN OIL, MONO- AND DIGLYCERIDES, BHA AND...
  16. M

    Fast Curing

    hi everyone ! i want to cure my recipe faster (50%OO, 28%CO, 12%Beef Tallow, 10%Castor, 5%Super Fat) right now i use 38% water as a % of oils , and i read that the discount of water help to cure soap quickly. so how much discount i need to make ? Or do you suggest me to add any other...
  17. Melissa Torre

    Repeated False Trace

    Hello all! Thanks for having me! So, little background,I’m a chef, and have been soaping professionally for about three years now...I have never (other than some sweating) had a problem with production until now...for the past few months every batch of soap false traces! It happens as soon as...
  18. cmzaha

    Hump Day Lotion

    Finally got around to making my lotion with hump fat, but no milk in it. I absolutely refuse to make milk lotions. Don't really want to use it either. Anyway the lotion feels a lot lighter than the original formula with just the little tweak of replacing 3% Avocado Butter with 3% camel tallow...
  19. cmzaha

    Done with Lard_maybe

    I think I am finally done with lard even though I love my 45/22% Tallow/Lard and love the slow trace. Problem is, when I have a slow selling selling and smell an off smell in the soap it is always one with lard. Even my husband told me to stop using lard. :( It is not coming down with dos, just...
  20. Dahila

    Beef Tallow

    Hi ladies I need your advice, In Canada it is difficult to find a beef tallow in stores, I found one, I know Carolyn is using beef tallow from store, Maybe Deanna can check it up too. Ingredients; Beef tallow , BHA, BHT, Citric Acid, and Dimethylpolysiloxane (antifoaming agent) is that...