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  1. Savage Daughter

    Make your own 'colloidal oatmeal' for a fraction of the cost

    I'm quite surprised to hear of people buying expensive colloidal oatmeal for use in their soaps. There is a better, much cheaper way, which I wished to share. Hopefully it'll save somebody some money. 1) Throw some whole oats - not instant oatmeal or anything like that - into a coffee grinder...
  2. shermluge

    Vanilla Coffee and Cream to go with the Bacon and Oatmeal

    I could not resist.. Guess I was craving breakfast. Here is some French Vanilla Coffee and Cream to go with the Bacon and Oatmeal ( Couldn't resist the try, Bacon and Oatmeal ). I used a very dark and rich roast ground very fine then made into a very dark coffee with distilled water. Used the...
  3. shermluge

    Couldn't resist the try, Bacon and Oatmeal

    My wife had left over bacon grease that I had to see if I could make into a smooth bar of soap. There was enough to make a small batch with 27% Bacon Grease and four other oils.. I worked the formula for a couple of days till I felt is was good for an attempt.. Wow its smooth and turned out...
  4. Kosmerta

    Lumpy Oat milk lye solution

    6 weeks ago before I found this forum I tried making soap with oat milk as a water replacement. This was the first time I ever used a non water liquid in my soap making. I made oat milk at home by blending 1/4 cup plain steel cut oats with 1 cup distilled water, then I allowed it to sit for 1...
  5. Pumpkin pie spice

    Pumpkin pie spice

    this is my finished curing pumpkin spice soap with tumeric and pumpkin pie spice. Scented with frankenscence mryh and lavander essential oil. Thank you to everyone who advised me on the is of pumpkin pie spice. I also added colloidal oatmeal. My first time using that as an additive.
  6. B

    A few MP questions

    Hi there everyone: ) I too, am new to the MP soap making world. I made my 3rd batch today , and finally didnt burn some of the soap ‍. I have a few burning questions that have been current soap making issues of mine. Sorry for the novel ahead, but i didnt want to make multiple posts. I really...
  7. DianaMoon

    Using Colloidal Oatmeal

    After doing the soap calc thing, how would I add colloidal oatmeal? I have a bag of the stuff and I never use it, even though I love it.
  8. F

    Additives in Liquid Soap

    Hello Soapers, Long time lurker, first time caller. I've been searching the ends of the internet to answer this question about additives in liquid soap, specifically colloidal oatmeal. I have a ton of colloidal oatmeal at my disposal, however, I'm not sure which part of the soaping...
  9. T

    How do you stop Oatmeal from scratching soap when you cut it?

    Hi guys, I am making an OMH loaf. The last time I made it I put collodial (ground) oatmeal thru the bar and oatmeal on top. When I cut it the oatmeal on top dragged thru the soap leaving marks and lines on the bars. :( Is there a way to avoid this as I have seen some soaps with oats on top...
  10. S

    first timer with HP soap question

    Hi, I made my first batch of Hot Process soap with Honey & Oatmeal. I just cut the soap and found these white blobs(?) here and there in the middle. (Please see attached picture. Kind of looks like white choc chip in oatmeal cookie) I never got them with Cold process so I am very confused. I...
  11. handavaka

    Oatmeal, Coconut Milk and Honey CP

    This is my RE-designed and RE-formulated Oatmeal Coconut Milk and Honey Soap. I've made them bigger, packed with Colloidal Oatmeal, Creamy Coconut Milk and Honey! I also incorporated a Calendula Infused Oil. I just cut them, and impatiently waiting for their cure...like always. This is made...
  12. Tiffany_S

    Colloidal Oatmeal Soap

    Colloidal Oatmeal (Avena sativa) is a natural product which helps soothe and soften dry skin and relieve itchy skin rashes and irritations. To produce colloidal oatmeal, whole oats are very finely ground. This enables the grain to readily absorb liquid. When the colloidal oatmeal is added to...
  13. inkyfingers

    The evils of quick oats

    I want to make oatmeal soap today and have looked around for recipes and inspiration. One thing that is often stressed is NO QUICK COOK OATS (yes, this is sometimes underlined or capitalized to stress its importance). But why not? Is something wrong with quick cook oats? I have...
  14. U

    Green color in Oatmilk soap?

    Hi, I've run into something with my oatmilk soap that I haven't had happen before, and would love any insight. :) I made a hot process soap using oatmilk and oats. I used 50% of the water amount for the lye. The other 50% I subbed with oatmilk, added to the pre-lye oils. This is 24...
  15. S

    Sunny Honey

    Hi, I've been soaping for a couple of months now - this is one my latest creation- 'Sunny Honey'- oatmeal, milk and honey fragranced (I know it has air bubbles mixed colours etc!) 1st attempt at posting a pic so not sure if this will work! Sunny Honey by Karen Adamson, on Flickr
  16. S

    Overheated Honey and Oatmeal Soap

    I just made a honey and oatmeal soap and I believe it overheated ._. It was a pretty light orange color and then it started to get dark brown with slightly grey edges. I didn't put a lid on it. Is it still usable? How can I prevent overheating?
  17. M


    Hiya, just wondering if someone could give me a hand! Im quite new to soap making and desperatly want to try making a honey and oatmeal bar! Looking around online I have found a few different recipies but I am completly confused...some say to add the honey like an additive, at trace but one...
  18. H

    My 1st MP, Celtic Mold/Oatmeal, Honey Almond scented soap

    I finally got to do my first Melt and Pour project. I used ground up oatmeal along with Honey Almond fragrance oil and a goats milk base. The Honey Almond scent is from Hobby Lobby as well. It smells SO good! The celtic mold is from a kit I got for Christmas. Exfoliating soap kit at Hobby Lobby...