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    Goat milk and clay
  2. Salsa780

    Benzoyl Peroxide in Soap Bar

    Hello everyone! I’m wanting to make a good, acne-fighting soap bar. I’ve read up on the benefits of benzoyl peroxide in killing acne-causing bacteria, and I know it can be purchased as a powder. I also have super dry skin (especially in winter), so I’m thinking I’d like to use goat’s milk...
  3. Kitkathy07

    Help! Partial Gel - Goat’s Milk and Honey

    Hi all! I need your help, advice, tips, and/or tricks. I’ll take it all 😢. I made an oatmeal, goats milk and Honey soap that partial gelled on me. I applied powdered milk to water and 1/2 tsp of honey then froze. Added lye to the ice, soaped at 93 degrees oils and 95 degrees lye. Put in mold and...
  4. lenarenee

    HELP - My Soap Has an Oil Pool!

    Did anyone run that recipe through a calculator? If it’s not a safe recipe to start with, rebatching won’t help. (I’ll see if I have time tonight to do that)
  5. B

    Strange hole in the center of my CP soap

    I’m pretty new to soap making (I have 4 successful cold process batches and 2 hot process batches under my belt). I am also totally new to this forum, and would love some help identifying what I did wrong. I have made this general soap recipe several times with no problem. I got a little over...
  6. EllieMae

    First Goat Milk Soaps!

    I finally got around to trying goat milk soaps and they actually turned out successful!!! I was so nervous about scorching the milk, or getting too hot by using honey for the first time. But it all worked out and I’m so relieved. thank you to everyone on this forum for all the advice!!! You’re...
  7. megaptera

    Powdered goat milk vs yogurt in hot process

    Hot Processors - Can adding powdered goat milk at the end of cook increase fluidity similar to yogurt? I'm up for trying it, but wanted to ask if anyone knew or has tried it. TIA
  8. B

    Is it possible... to make soap with only goat milk as the fat?

    Ok... So, IS it possible to make soap out of only fresh frozen goat milk and lye? I attempted the other day, but the lye was WAY off. I'm just wondering if it is indeed possible, or if I'm just wasting my time and ingredients experimenting. I used the soapcalc lye calculator. I've got the...
  9. V

    Powered Goat + Buttermilk

    I am excited to start adding powered goat milk and buttermilk to my cold process recipes. Any advise on that? I usually do (in ounces): 15,3 lard 8.5 coconut oil 8.5 canola 1.7 castor 11 water 4.84 lye 1 fragrance oils Thank you!!!
  10. F

    Help me with Shower gel please :)

    Hi, I would like to make my own shower gel recipe that has specific ingredients without all of the other nasty chemicals found in stor bought soaps. I specifically want to make shower gel/liquid soap and not bar soap since I don't like the thought of bacteria/mold growing on my soap overtime...
  11. K

    Do these look like glycerin rivers?

    hi! More woes with scaling up to large batches of goat milk soap. Had great success with 62 lbs batch, but now at 110 lbs, it looks like this (see pic). Here’s the backstory: I’m using Shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil. The oils were 95* Lye solution is 2% superfat mixed with frozen...
  12. K

    Large batch goat milk soap - preventing gel and/or discoloration

    Hi! We have scaled up production of our goat milk CP soaps to 120 lbs batches poured into one large block mold that is then cut into loaves then bars. Understandably, this volume causes the soap to insulate itself and start to gel in the middle. I know gel isn’t a bad thing, but in our case, it...
  13. David Christopher

    Evaporated Goats Milk

    Hey there All Just wondering will regular goats milk you purchase in the cold section and evaporated canned goats milk to be treated differently. Recently I added frozen goats milk (the carton kind) in place of water and was able to make some nice soap.( the green bars) Then I bought canned...
  14. David Christopher

    Pumpkin soap for beginner

    Hello to all I need a little help with playing around with recipes. I’m planning on making a very simple Pumpkin soap, using either a very simple 3 oil Crisco or olive oil recipe that may include goat milk. I have seen s number of recipes and was wondering. Do I reduce my water ( goats milk)...
  15. KimT2au

    Will something I saw in th hp forum work for liquid soap?

    Hi all I was reading through a thread for hp soap and they were talking about adding sugar for increased bubbles and yoghurt for it's other qualities. Given that liquid soap uses KOH rather than lye do you think the addition of sugar would have the same outcome. I was also considering adding...
  16. serene_caprine

    Goat Milk Soap... Colostrum

    Hi everyone! I have been hoping to make some goat milk soap for ages now and finally have some milk set aside for it. The milk I froze is from newly freshened goats (at least a week after kidding) and I know it has some colostrum in it. I'm wondering if this milk will react differently...
  17. ParadiseFarm

    Goat Milk soap - Milk as % of oils or lye conc?

    Hi, I've been making goat milk soap using 38% of the oils as my milk amount. I've been doing reading on using lye concentration instead. I was using 38% of the oils as the amount because I figured goat milk is actually an ingredient for me and I want there to be lots of it. I do the frozen...
  18. W

    Salt water in soap

    So I am interested in making a batch, but instead of making a regular salt bar, I would like to replace water with saltwater, anyone do this? I am wondering how much salt to add to the water? I also do a split with water/goat milk and wondering if the salt would affect the milk. Thanks Heidi
  19. T

    New to CP soap-- use goat's milk -- always traces quickly!

    Hello! I am new to CP soap and use frozen goat milk. I have made 7 batches of soap and no matter what I change it traces quickly. I have used different fragrances, etc. I have increased to amount of milk to what seems like the max by most online calculators. What I used yesterday: 16.2...
  20. Soul_Healthy

    Goat Milk Soap

    I have a problem. I made HP soap with a usual recipe (except I used half evaporated goat's milk and half water). It's extremely drying to the skin. I used two tbsp. of honey, 2 tbsp. oatmeal, 1/4 calendula blossoms, and about 2 tbsp. of vanilla bean paste. The milk was frozen, but the mixture...