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Jun 18, 2019
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Astoria, NY
Hey there All
Just wondering will regular goats milk you purchase in the cold section and evaporated canned goats milk to be treated differently.
Recently I added frozen goats milk (the carton kind) in place of water and was able to make some nice soap.( the green bars)
Then I bought canned evaporated goats milk. Then froze it into cubes and did the same 100% water substitution. But it turned the darker orange/brown color(seen below). We decided not to use it. Are there more concentrated sugars in evaporated milk? Do I only add evaporated milk in at trace?


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It looks like the lye scorched the milk. When adding evaporated milk, I usually use it as half the liquid and water as the other half. You can dissolve your lye in the water and add the evaporated milk to your oils or at trace.
I've soaped with both kinds of goat milk (not at the same time, lol) and have a definite preference for the refrigerated kind. The canned evaporated always turned out rusty-brown/ for me, even when adding it like lsg mentioned above. With the refrigerated kind, my soap always turns out a really nice creamy/off-white/ivory color.

IrishLass :)
I believe it is more concentrated as well.. Every time I've made goat's milk soap, I've used evaporated canned milk and it's always turned burnt orange. It didn't seem to bother the soap after cure, but definitely didn't look as amazing as your green bars of soap!! I'd stick to fresh goat's milk!!!
Evaporated goats milk is 2x stronger than regular. I've used it a couple times by adding the canned portion to my oils and using the water that I would have used to reconstitute it in my lye and didn't get that sort of discoloration. I'd check your temps, and do what you can to keep things cool. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. But hey, if you have access to fresh, and it's working for you, by all means do that.
Thanks so much for the help. It puts me at ease to know that there was something else at work here.
Yes the mixture got up to about 90 degrees. My safety goggles misted up so by the time I could “see” the reaction it was too late.

However I did make the batch without goats milk and then I made another with a of carton goats milk. I had no problem with either and will post the results soon

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