Will something I saw in th hp forum work for liquid soap?

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You bet they die
Jul 28, 2018
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Perth, Western Australia
Hi all

I was reading through a thread for hp soap and they were talking about adding sugar for increased bubbles and yoghurt for it's other qualities. Given that liquid soap uses KOH rather than lye do you think the addition of sugar would have the same outcome. I was also considering adding oat milk for it's skin soothing qualities but still leaving the soap as suitable for vegans. My concern is the shelf life of the liquid soap. By adding sugar and the oat milk am I simply laying out a banquet and calling all the bacteria in for dinner, would I be better advised to use colloidal oatmeal instead do you think? I did see this tutorial so I realise that the goat milk (and therefore my oat milk) could be added but really I wonder if it is wise for me to do so. What do you think? http://alaiynab.blogspot.com/2014/04/tutorial-how-to-create-liquid-goats.html
If you add sugar and oat milk at the dilution step, that's definitely going to increase the chance of microbial growth. If you add them up front when you make the soap, it's less of a concern, especially if you use them in moderation.

Why do you think colloidal oatmeal is going to be different than oat milk? I'm not following your reasoning.
It's funny you should question my reasoning, DeAnna, as after I posted the question I was thinking about the situation and realised my logic was lacking. If microbes were going to grow on the oat milk then the chances are they would grow on the colloidal oatmeal. You are amazing, DeAnna, not only do you contribute to all the discussions, you know so much and also cut straight to the heart of the matter.

I had originally been thinking of using the oat milk for all of the water used to make the the paste as I don't mind if the soap does not end up clear, but now I think that's going to be waaaayyyy to high. Do you think 50% would still be too much?
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I'm going to leave your question to people who use oat milk in their soap -- I've never tried it. Maybe someone with experience will chime in with their recommendations.

And ... thanks! I'm glad I could help.

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