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Adding powered goat and buttermilk

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Oct 20, 2019
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Pembroke Pines florida
I am excited to start adding powered goat milk and buttermilk to my cold process recipes. Any advise on that?
I usually do (in ounces):
15,3 lard
8.5 coconut oil
8.5 canola
1.7 castor
11 water
4.84 lye
1 fragrance oils

Thank you!!!
I usually put a scoop of goat milk powder in my oils and stick blend before I add the lye water. It works great as far as I'm concerned, although others here reconstitute it first. I almost always put goat milk in my lard soaps.
I mix my powdered milks in with a bit of the liquid from the batch. I find adding it directly to the oils I sometimes get lumps still. However, I mostly mix it with liquid milk and add to the oils. I mix my lye 1:1 with water and use the remainder in milk fortified with powdered to make it a full milk batch.