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Jun 6, 2016
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Hi everyone!

I have been hoping to make some goat milk soap for ages now and finally have some milk set aside for it.

The milk I froze is from newly freshened goats (at least a week after kidding) and I know it has some colostrum in it. I'm wondering if this milk will react differently with the lye than just normal milk would.

I want the soap to work out so has anyone used "imperfect" milk in their soap? How has it turned out? Will colostrum burn when mixed with lye???

Any info would be helpful!!
Try typing "colostrum" into the search box. It's a unique enough term that you should be able to narrow it down pretty quickly.

You may have to take the lead on this! Update with your results!
I think I once accidentally made soap with colostrum, it went very stringy when I added the lye (using the frozen milk method) but that was the only thing I can remember about it so it must have come out fine.
here are just a few kids to supply your baby goat fix ; )
more photos coming soon!

just let me know if anyone finds out about the colostrum!
Thanks again, you all are great


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I know from being a breastfeeding mother that colostrum has a much higher sugar content than regular milk. So I'm assuming that it would be trickier not to scorch
We make a lot of goats milk soap and have never been able to tell the difference in how milk with colostrum reacts in lye vs milk without colostrum. We get our milk fresh from the farm then pour enough for one batch into a freezer bag, seal it then freeze it. We use quart size bags so enough for a batch is the size of the bag and around 1/4 to 1/2" thick. When we are ready to make soap we give the bag about 30-40 seconds on each side in the microwave which isn't enough to melt it but enough to soften it. This gives us a nice goat milk slushee to add our lye into. When all said and done our lye/gm solution is right at about 120 degree F. perfect for our recipe. This is a great way of having the perfect measure of goat milk without having to try to seperate out enough for a batch and we get a consistent result every time.
Does anyone up their lye percentage when using goat milk. I notice that while the goat milk/lye solution is sitting waiting for the oils to cool, that the fats in the goat milk saponify. Do you add lye or just let the soap have a high SF %?
slipknott, I do not up my lye to compensate for this. If this was a concern for me I would drop my superfat % instead of upping my lye percentage to ensure I did not end up with a lye heavy soap. To increase lye to compensate would be a mere guess at best as different milks seems to have different levels of fats. I superfat our goats milk soaps at 5% and love the finished product.

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