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Jan 5, 2008
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This thread has been deleted & locked.:

We pride ourselves on being the friendliest soap making forum on the net. Please abide by the following rules to keep it that way.

1.For the purposes of this forum, ALL products commonly known as soap are handcrafted/handmade, regardless of whether it began as oils and lye or a base that may or may not contain detergents. BOTH products qualify as handcrafted/handmade soap in this forum.

2.Disrespect and criticism of another member, their practices or choices, will not be tolerated.

3.Disrespect of any member of the soaping community, whether they hold memberships on this forum or not, will not be tolerated.

4.Disrespect of suppliers will not be tolerated. While everyone have the right to post experiences with suppliers, both favorable & not, it shall be done in a professional manner free from insult.

Any negative, nasty, offensive or questionable comments regarding the above points will not be tolerated and will result in that thread/comment being deleted by the Moderating Team without further reference to the member.

Continued posting of negative, nasty or offensive comments will result in that member being banned from the board.

Thank you!- The mod team
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