October 2022 SMF Soap Challenge – Laminar Flow Swirl

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Thank you, and yours is far from an ugly duckling - I can hardly believe your colors are natural. I hope you keep a bar to see how they age. It seems like they would retain the colors for a long time.
I know I think the navy will get more purplish from the alkanet - and they will all fade probably. The navy might be too much indigo, not sure about the lather. I’ll post an update!
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I didn't enter this month, only because I knew I wouldn't have the time. I gotta say, I do not envy those of you who have to vote. All of those entries are gorgeous!! Once my market season is over, I have every intention of trying this technique because I've been so impressed by what you all have accomplished.
Oh boy. I poured mine but it is a mess! If I can get it out of the mold tomorrow I’ll try to enter it. How do people get this design to work? Mine is really laughable…🙄

The colors and the shape of yours reminds me of jewelry, specifically the usekh collars worn in Ancient Egypt ☺️

The link for voting has been sent to those who signed up for this month’s challenge. Due to my delay in posting the voting survey, I will leave the survey open until 11:59 GMT on October 31st unless all votes are in before that.

Good luck everyone! This month’s entries and non-entries are all gorgeous and unique. It’s really striking just how much the color choices, small changes in pouring patterns, and even dividers with a mind of their own can change the aesthetic of soap made using this technique. I hope to see more laminar flow swirls in the future!
This was so fun and a great learning experience.
Thank you @Mobjack Bay for hosting. 💜🫧💜
It was very difficult to vote, every entry was beautiful and unique. Congratulations to everyone.
@KiwiMoose, @VikingChick, @AliOop, @dibbles, @Vicki C, @MrsZ - I am in awe of your lovely soap entries. I loved seeing and reading about your learnings, your colors, photo styles, scent pics, challenges, etc. Thanks for helping me on my soapy journey! You are all rock, ummm make that, soap stars! 🌸
All lovely soaps. They all have something about them that I admire - pastels, colourways, directions of pour, number of channels etc.
I forgot to mention my fragrance choice - chosen purely for their slow moving contribution to the recipe: 50/50 Blood Orange and Ocean Rose ( Candle Science). Ocean rose is not really a rose smell - more of a fresh light ozoney floral. The two blend well and I'm going to call it Ocean & Orange.
Incredible soaps!
Congratulations to AliOop (love the whole vibe of yours!), dibbles (so pretty!) and kiwimoose (yours makes me think of those lollipops at the show!).
I just adored everyone's entry! Thank you Mobjack Bay for hosting this one 🥰