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Apr 23, 2021
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It's hard finding where to buy supplies especially if starting out, and because most forums and groups are based in the USA, it's truly hard to find out where to buy things.

I've been building my own list - I thought I would share it. If it's the wrong section please tell me.

I've tried to be comprehensive but if I've missed your favourite Australian supplier please reply to comment as I'd love to add more to my list.

Raw Ingredient Suppliers

All Colour Supplies
Suppliers of F, D &! C colours and pigments. Sells by kilogram. Minimum seems to be 1kg but I've not used them as yet

Aromatic Ingredients
Cheap Oils. Fantastic Quality. Had rare Australian Extracts. Brilliant service. Love these guys. They stock Native Extracts. 🥰😍😍 Cheap for organic base oils and essential oils.

Aurora Cleaning Supplies
might be ones near your home that you can buy from but I don't have a car and these guys have cheap SCS and few other raw ingredients.

Aussie Soap Supplies
Considering that they had a warehouse fire and lost over 2.5 million in stock in 2020, these guys have worked so hard to restock. Competitive prices - generally you'll find one supplier is cheaper for one or two ingredients.

Austral Herbs
Suppliers of herbs and dried extracts.

Aust Super Foods
Suppliers of freeze dried powders and dried extracts.

Australian Wholesale Oils | Essential Oils
Range is increasing consistently. They are stocking more and have some wonderful essential oils. I like their oils and on par with EY they have some beautiful oils. Great customer service.

Baraka Shea Butter
Suppliers of shea butter and coconut oil. Fair trade

Bay Side Soap
Mainly soap supplies, but starting to build bigger range of products. If you are in Brisbane they have 25kg citric acid pick up only from Wynnum for 86 dollars. Beats paying $30 for 5kg!

Bath Bomb Xpress and Bath Bomb World are the same company but the xpress site is just for buying presses and moulds.

Deluxe Shea Butter
Suppliers of fair trade and organic certified shea butter and coconut oil.

Down Under Enterprises
have not ordered from them. But they seem to have ok range.

in 2015 while searching for unadulterated frankincense that was cheaper than SEOC, I found earthyard. I've used them ever since. In my top 3 for essential oils. I've watched them grow from a tiny little business to what it is today.

esCentials of Australia
some say they've had issues with esCentials but I've never had any issues with them. The longest it's taken for an order to arrive from them is 4 days. I've had no issues with their customer service either.

Essence of Wellbeing
Can be expensive.

- not huge range, sometimes has things can't find elsewhere.

have some good products, good if you just want to test something as they have small packs. They are not inline with prices from our main suppliers. But for things like rose petals and calendula they are ok.

Evoke Australia
colours, some raw Ingredients

Green Living Australia they have some raw Ingredients (we buy our preserving and cheese making supplies from here)

Heirloom Body Care
can be expensive but stock a decent range. They purchased "My Mica Obsession" so if you want MMO products you need to purchase from Heirloom.

Herb Cottage
Herbs and botanicals

Leonardi Industries
Only just discovered these guys. Stock some well priced items. Focus on oils like AWO, Earth Yard and NEssentials.

These guys focus mainly on colour cosmetics.

N Essentials
Used to be my favourite 10 years ago. I don't know what happened, still use them for some things but usually can find things cheaper at AWO/ND/Range/AI. I am not recommending N Essentials any more due to their social media presence and their posts about not using preservatives. They regularly post formulas that do not have preservatives and as a “supplier of cosmetic ingredients” this is highly dangerous and extremely disappointing.

New Directions
Have good range, check prices as sometimes the are more expensive. Generally get a free sample. GOOD for packaging too!

Citric Acid and Bicarb, cheapest I've seen that deliver.

Melbourne Bush Foods
Herbs, dried extracts and botanicals.


Range Products
Competitive prices, good range. Easy to deal with.

Renascent Bath and Body
bath bomb supplies and some raw Ingredients

They will send you a price list if you ask they do deliver and have some raw materials.

Skin Science Company
Generally have free shipping but make sure you check other suppliers first as they can be quite expensive even if you count the free shipping.

Southern Skies Soap Supplies
Their range has grown and they've got some raw Ingredients now. But still mainly soap stuff.

Sydney Essential Oil Company
The oldest on the list still and used to have wonderful service. Been using SEOC since the year 2000 - to shut my sister up - and have used them ever since. Can be expensive. But they have quality oils. Always get a free sample or two. They are stocking native extracts now too but Aromatic Ingredients are cheaper.[[Update Oct 19, 2021 as posted by @RusticUrban SEOC has recently changed ownership and the customer service has dropped with it. They no longer offer samples either like they used to]]

Sydney Solvents
cheapest place for different types of solvents. They even have sustainable perfumer's alcohol. 🥰

Tanah Oils
Once upon a time they were just a little ebay shop. Now they have a dedicated site and have grown extensively. I've used them since they opened up on eBay. I was a bit obsessed.

Most of us already know and use trulux - cheapest Cocomidopropyl Betaine I've seen because shipping over 50 is free. Lots of interesting ingredients and Innovation.

Vegetable Glycerine Australia
And PG and BG. Prices are decent $49 for 5 litres VG

These guys are definitely retail, but, they have some hard to find colour cosmetics ingredients that I've had trouble finding. I swear you are basically paying for their packaging but I've not found any other suppliers (as yet) that specialise in colour cosmetics.

Fragrance suppliers

May have some raw ingredients too but mainly fragrances. Most tell if skin safe, if in doubt check first!
Candle Supply Australia
Fragrance Shed
Aussie Candle Supply
Luxury Candle Supplies
Fragrance Room
The Fragrance Garden

Others that might be useful...
Need an ABN or be a registered business to purchase from the following (I have more but didn't feel like transferring them all) but there are more but most want you buying 25kg plus.


Concept Ingredients
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SEOC has recently changed ownership and the customer service has dropped with it. They no longer offer samples either like they used to (if you wanted to update your post).
SEOC has recently changed ownership and the customer service has dropped with it. They no longer offer samples either like they used to (if you wanted to update your post).
Thanks you. Have updated. But, I may have to end up taking out comments on places as my post has reached 10,000 limit 😅🤣😁

So disappointed about your update. I did a big order in August and was still able to choose samples. It's actually extremely disappointing as one of the reasons I go SEOC for big orders was for samples. Oh well, aromatic ingredients will be seeing more of my business.

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