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  1. cmzaha

    The Sage Silicones

    I do not know if any of you use Cyclomethicone or Dimethicone if you do the Sage has the best price per gallon I can find with shipping. Cyclo is $58 gal and Dimeth is %53 gal, with $7.95 shipping to CA, of course, East Coast could be higher shipping cost. I know many do not use silicones but my...
  2. cmzaha

    Lg Destash Posting Help

    I am going to be posting a very very large list of Fragrances and other items for a former forum member and need help figuring out how to post pages of fragrances. Right now the list is in an excel spreadsheet and is there a way to post the excel sheet where a person could mark what they want...
  3. Loralei

    Water, water, everywhere

    In going through some books, blogs, and the SMF, I'm seeing multiple types of water choices.. Recently, in a lotion making blog, I saw that reverse osmosis water is an option. I've been purchasing gallons of distilled water, and I also have a reverse osmosis filtration system.. have I been...
  4. KimT2au

    Southern Skies Soap Supplies, Australia

    Hi all Having searched the forum I can see that people were asking about Southern Skies back in 2011 but no one had dealt with them. Sorry to be a pain but I am repeating the question 7 years later, has anyone dealt with them? I sent them 2 emails neither of which were answered, their ebay...
  5. R

    Mica Supplier?

    I haven't bought supplies in a while due to financial difficulties, but after making a personal batch of lipstick today I went to look at different mica colors only to find the website I used to use, The Conservatorie, no longer seems to exist. I've done some searching, but does anyone has a...
  6. H

    Soap Supplier AUSTRALIA

    Hi there, I live in Sydney and I found my online wholesaler along with a lot of other rather expensive online suppliers. Can anyone recommend a good wholesale who supplies soap making products in AUSTRALIA? Thanks Hepzi