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Jun 28, 2021
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Middle Earth or Metropolis
I've got a color in my head that I'm not sure I can achieve with the mica colors I have. I'm aiming for something like this:


I've only got (all from Nurture Soap) Blue Vibrance, Making Waves, Full Throttle, Lemon Drop, Love and Sunshine, Yellow Vibrance, Force of Nature, Green Vibrance, and Titanium Dioxide. Any advice or how I can get closest?

I've also got some micas that are from amazon that have pretty close to the color I'm looking for, but there's about a 50% chance of those morphing, so. . . .
So the issue with that specific shade of cyan, is it is a neon. I see you have three neon micas, but mixing those neon micas will make a color that's darker and moodier than both:

See for example, using Nurture's mixer:


Another issue is cyan is notoriously difficult to capture, especially one that bright. Even paint companies can't manage it. Glidden, for example, gave me this shade as the closest match:

So my best advice would be to use a pre-existing soap safe teal/turquoise mica (I really like Nurture's Siren's Song) or to mix the colorants you have above and make something you're okay with.

I would probably use something like Making Waves 1:1 Green Vibrance or Making Waves 3:1 Force of Nature. TD can be added to lighten the shade, but it might take some of the vibrancy away.

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Well thank you very much for doing all that, @basti! Playing around with color mixers I was pretty sure I was sunk with what I have. I'm okay if it isn't that vibrant, but I definitely didn't like the muted tones all the mixers were giving me. Hmmm... 🤔 Maybe I'll have to rethink my color pallet.

It's such disappointing moment when you grow up and realize all colors cannot be mixed from red, blue, and yellow like you are led to believe. 😅

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