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Sometimes having a child with a disabilty can be a struggle. Having two with special needs makes you want to pull your hair out at times.

But sometimes its the little things that make it worth it.

My youngest has PDD-NOS a form of autism, and she turned 4 in November. She drew this for me this morning. But i'm just surprised her name isn't on it since she writes her name on everything!!! She learned to write her name about a year ago and hasn't stopped. She absolutely loves to write and spell her name.

But she draws very well for her age, and she gets hung up on the details.


She's still drawing me 'valentines' even today. But this one touched my heart because she drew the both of us together. Something she hasn't done before.


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Jan 15, 2007
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Thats awesome! Children always show us an enormous amount of unconditional love. I love my children to death!

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