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Apr 27, 2012
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On how I keep my work surface clean and safe from raw soap for free. Whenever I shop at Costco I pick up a couple of the large brown cardboard sheets that sit between the stacks of papertowles and toilet paper. They are more like heavy duty construction paper and they are FREE! They are perfect cut in half to cover my table where I soap.
Oooh, I like the shower curtain idea a lot... I have several in the basement because I'm a confirmed packrat and hate throwing out anything that might be useful some day. lol
Both are great options. Wide butcher paper also works, but you have to tape it down. Those thin plastic drop cloths are also easy to use.
If it's free it's for me, that is a great idea, next time I go to BJ's I am going to check it out.
Actually, I just start with clean counters (ceramic) and wipe them down afterward. Is that bad? :???: But, now that you mention it I have tons of those blue hospital absorbent underpads that would work great. You can get them at any drugstore for pennies a piece. And if your grandma stays're prepared for that too.
I have a roll of butcher paper from Sam's Club that I pull off some and lay on the counter. Very handy to put 2 layers down when working with colorants. Go ahead, ask me how easy it was to clean up the black mica off my counter LOL Had to pull out the bleach cleaner :/

I need to drag that roll of butcher paper in from the garage. I can also rip off pieces for the twins to color on LOL

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