Saponification luxury Oils/butters + the Unsaponifiables ones

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Mar 28, 2020
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Dear soapers,

I am new here but am reading loads about making soaps. I jus learned that the use of luxury (and expensive) oils and butters in your soaps saponify and therefore don’t have the benefits of them any more I was still wondering: what about the Unsaponifiables oils and butters like sheabutter, avocado oil, jojoba, mango and almond. Will they be the ones who “Survive” mostley the saponification process with CP? Or is it better to change to HP and put them in there after the Vaseline fase was there so they will be ones who “survive” in the soap?


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Oct 14, 2007
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These oils will go through the saponification process also. You will find that the recommended amount for use in avocado oil and sweet almond oil is around 20% while the recommended rate is 10% for jojoba and 15% for the butters. There are exceptions to the rules. I suggest you research the properties of each oil before formulating a recipe. The Soap Making Friend and SoapCalc lye calculators will give you an idea of how a recipe will turn out.

"More simply, unsaponifiables are the lipid fraction that cannot be transformed into soap. In general, less than 2% of oil’s content is unsaponifiable. Therefore, unsaponifiables consist of all of the non hydrolysable components of the fatty substance as well as those that mainly result from the saponification of fatty esters (sterols esters, waxes, tocopherol esters...)."