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  1. tinkschmink

    Saponification luxury Oils/butters + the Unsaponifiables ones

    Dear soapers, I am new here but am reading loads about making soaps. I jus learned that the use of luxury (and expensive) oils and butters in your soaps saponify and therefore don’t have the benefits of them any more I was still wondering: what about the Unsaponifiables oils and butters like...
  2. R

    EO's vs FO's when to choose which

    I've found that some EO's are less expensive than FO's which I kind of find fascinating. From what I understand, EO's are naturally extracted from plants, while FO's are strictly for scent having no botanical/medicinal values. I'm really confused as to what EO's to but when it comes to...
  3. G

    Oil benifits listing

    Hi, first post here and I ran a search and didn't find this. I was wondering if a spreadsheet exists, that highlights what beneficial properties various oils have (moisturizing, makes bubbles, good for hair, etc). Something like this is also useful. Just wondering if more like this exist...