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  1. Grantxw8

    Saponification vs Cure vs Drying

    Hi Guys, Quick question on a subject that has bothered me for years. A long time ago I was involved in a discussion along the lines of this post's title. It centred around Castile soaps and leaving them to "mature", for lack of a better word for up to a year. I recall that I did a little...
  2. draftbook

    If oils not found on soap calculator ?

    I have recipe i want use some oils didn't find on soap calculator. How i calculate oil saponification ?
  3. tinkschmink

    Saponification luxury Oils/butters + the Unsaponifiables ones

    Dear soapers, I am new here but am reading loads about making soaps. I jus learned that the use of luxury (and expensive) oils and butters in your soaps saponify and therefore don’t have the benefits of them any more I was still wondering: what about the Unsaponifiables oils and butters like...
  4. S

    Tripled Oils, Tripled Lye, forgot to triple mixing space

    Halp! I made a bigger batch of soap than usual and didn't account for the extra space needed in my mixing bowl. So when I poured the oils in and then began adding the lye solution, I ran out of room in the bowl. In an effort to save my soap, I poured some of the already mixed oil and lye into...
  5. F

    KOH accuracy in liquid bases with multiple fats

    Hi everyone! This is my first post to the forum and I'm very happy to share company with many veteran soap makers. I am a complete novice (I've made four batches of mild liquid soap in the last two months) and new to this space, so PLEASE forgive my ignorance as I build a working knowledge of...
  6. Kiajera

    Lye Crystal's in Hot process soap

    Hi guys! I'm new here, but I have been making soap for roughly 6 years and I have encountered crystals of lye in my hot processed soap, which I also put in the oven to make a compound hp/ cpop soap with an embed. I have pics here for you to see. I'm going to re-batch it with a little more...
  7. T

    Saponification check

    Hello, I tried to dig, but didn’t find. The question is: is there any way to check if all oils in my KOH and NaOH soap are saponified? My target is 0% (zero) superfat as a first step in creating recipes for some detergents and I’m sure, that (for example) 90% pure KOH isn’t 90% in fact, but...
  8. T

    Do the properties of Nettle Powder make it thru Saponification?

    Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I used to make Nettle Soap for Eczema and Psoriasis using a melt and pour base but have this year switched to cp base and I am wondering wither the properties of the powder carry thru the saponification process? If you have any experience...
  9. U

    Green color in Oatmilk soap?

    Hi, I've run into something with my oatmilk soap that I haven't had happen before, and would love any insight. :) I made a hot process soap using oatmilk and oats. I used 50% of the water amount for the lye. The other 50% I subbed with oatmilk, added to the pre-lye oils. This is 24...
  10. Seawolfe

    What is actually happening at trace?

    One of my imaginary friends has also gotten into soaping, and we love to share ideas and bicker. I have read that it only helps to super fat after HP cooking if you want a single oil as the super fat, that adding super fat oils at trace does nothing. This makes sense to me because after...
  11. S

    Polyunsaturates, saponification and DOS?

    Any chemists out there? Does the level of polyunsaturation (and cis or trans) have an impact on the saponification in terms of speed or completeness? I got DOS in my 1st batch of CP soap made using 30% sunflower (no super fatting) - SF is the most unsaturated fat I have used. No sign of...