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Mar 29, 2013
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Western Australia
Hi happy soapers

Hasn't anyone experienced problems when using Ruby Rose mica from The Conservatorie, because I've had mixed results? I'm posting this as perhaps it will help someone else and maybe help me too!

1. I made a test batch - 2 mini scoops of mica in 100g soap. Turned out great.
Ruby Rose mica soaps 2013-07-21 002_edited-1.jpg

2. Orange & purple with RR swirl - 4 mini scoops mica in 200g soap. It went a funny texture and sort of whitish. :sad:
Ruby Rose mica soaps 2013-07-21 012_edited-1.jpg

3. Pink & white layered soap - 2.5 scoops mica in 500g soap. I used less than #1 and #2 and it turned out great. :smile:

4. White/orange/pink soap swirl - 1/2 tsp mica in 300g soap. What was I thinking! This was way too much and the swirl portion of the soap turned out crumbly. :problem:
Ruby Rose mica soaps 2013-07-21 006_edited-1.jpg

5. Layered soap (no photo) - 1.5 scoops mica in 300g. The Ruby Rose soap jug congealed & separated before I had stick blended. I was able to stir it back together but the soap had to be ditched for other reasons. I'm wondering if my scales were off because the other layers didn't set which has never happened before. :problem:

I keep my temps around 35C/95F. I'm persisting with this mica because it gives such a gorgeous rosey pink colour. I'd love to hear your experiences.
That's really weird! Did you gel the ones that turned brown, and not gel the pink ones?
I don't think any of them gelled. They didn't go brown, more like a funny crumbly texture.

No doubt I'll try this again and get it right eventually!
I see more ash than I see 'crumbly' in your pictures. Are you pre-mixing your mica in anything prior to adding it to your soap batter?
Hi Kazmi

Yes it could be ash. I had this happen with Tangerine pop mica once as well. Any ideas why just one part of the soap would ash?

I usually pre-mix mica in a tsp of water.
Are you using the same soap recipe? I've seen some of my micas respond differently to different combinations - that's totally anecdotal, I know of no scientific reasons why that would happen, but I use basically the same recipe all the time, just switch out a "fancy" oil on occasion.
I'd recommend mixing your mica with a bit of light carrier oil - I use almond kernel oil or grapeseed oil, or pull out some of your base recipe oils and add the mica then mix back in - rather than water. Not all micas are water soluble, I don't think. I've never had a problem with the RR mica mixed in oil.

Bummer on the swirls - that orange/pink one would have been lovely! That's my favorite color combo.

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