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  1. SpaceCorgi94

    How to incorporate mica properly into oil?

    So I've been using cocoa a lot to colour my soaps, but recently I've been jumping on the mica train. It's been a bit of a hassle however, as my mica doesn't seem to want to mix in entirely with the oil. Yes the oil gets a coloured tint, (I'm using sweet almond oil so it's quite a dramatic...
  2. Anstarx

    71 Colors! My colorant test chips

    I've been using natural colorants so far, only because my local carrier of mica don't test them for soap. They are confirmed body-safe and lye-stable safety wise but they simply don't know how the color will hold. I've considered ordering abroad but then it's way too expensive and slow. So...
  3. V


    Hi everyone, I have 2 carts on nurture and madmica. Please tell me your favorite colors and fragrance oils on theses sites.
  4. Emma Cook

    Question about Colorants

    I’ve gotten several batches under my belt, but there’s still one thing I’m a bit confused about... Maybe it’s just me overthinking, but I’ve been wondering if there’s a “right” way to add colorants to soap. For example, I’ve read that it helps to mix colorants with a carrier oil, but my bars get...
  5. Todd Ziegler

    Just Pigments

    I have a huge collection of micas from just pigments that I have been using for other cosmetic coloring and I really like them. However I have not used them for CP and I was wondering if anyone has experience with their pigments in soap?
  6. Anstarx

    Good ol' Charcoal n Gold

    A simple charcoal soap with hazelnut oil. I was hoping it to be a true black but it cures to a dark gray. Will try some black oxide next time. Heard it's really black. I was planing to do a column embed as in the moon but the pvc pipe I used was too small and impossible to unmold so I gave up...
  7. B

    My soap smells like rubbing alcohol!

    Hi everyone! So, I'm brand new, and have been making melt and pour for about 2 weeks now. I've made a TON of soap, but I keep running into a problem with my soaps colored with mica or activated charcoal. I'm suspending the mica or charcoal in a small amount of rubbing alcohol so it won't clump...
  8. Wendy90292

    Diffusion of micas question

    You know how Ann Marie talks about diffusing X tsp of mica in X T of some kind of oils, often sweet almond? When I am using a NON-Brambleberry recipe, I don't know how to decide whether I should... Use a portion of the lightest oil already included in the recipe to dissolve Add a portion in a...
  9. Tomato Cosmic Swirl Soap - 2016July01

    Tomato Cosmic Swirl Soap - 2016July01

    My first attempt at a Cosmic Swirl didn't turn out very cosmic. This was my second Tomato soap made with red tomato paste or tomato sauce. Plain batter was pale beige; red oxide, green mica for color. Dragon's Blood FO.
  10. Nanooo48

    Has anyone ever been afraid to use Mica?

    I’m blushing embarrassed to even ask this question right now but I don’t even care because I need help LOL. So I’ve acquired a collection of these similar Micas of the “magic” kind, and well, I just don’t know what the heck I’m supposed to do with them lol. I think I’ve attempted in cold process...
  11. McLasz

    When is best to add FO & mica in CP at RT?

    Hi All! Well I have finally made my first batches of CP soap and I think I'm going to need a 12 step program!!! I do however have a lot of questions. Most importantly, when do people add their fragrance, TD and micas to a batch? I've heard so many different things, such as add them to the oils...
  12. chaoticbanshee

    wax melts getting things right

    ok guys i need help with a couple of problems ive been trying to get these right for a while now i have now got my scent mastered depending on the scent. but my problems now are as follows 1. I'm using mica in my wax melts and when they melt the mica seems to sink to the bottom. 2. when my melt...
  13. Pinkynoodle

    Mica, when can I apply it?

    Hello, started making soap 4 months ago. Make some ugly a$$ soap a month ago and wanted to try a make it pretty by adding mica splatter effect. Can i use Mica after a soap has cured to make a galaxy effect?
  14. Rose

    Mica Turning Black?

    Hi all! I was wondering if you could help me out. I have been using brown mica powder for bath bombs and I recently noticed that my bath bombs are letting out brown & huge black rings that cling to the side of the tub rather than the usual brown. The only thing that has changed is the addition...
  15. R

    Mica Supplier?

    I haven't bought supplies in a while due to financial difficulties, but after making a personal batch of lipstick today I went to look at different mica colors only to find the website I used to use, The Conservatorie, no longer seems to exist. I've done some searching, but does anyone has a...
  16. Autumnleigh93

    Bath bomb color help

    Hello, I currently make bath bombs using mica to color them and they turn out rock hard and perfect pretty much every time. I have been experimenting using different coloring agents to try to get a richer color in the bath without leaving residue on the tub. I use the same recipe but...
  17. franinfrance

    Mica pencil line problem.

    Hi there Yesterday, having watched a Soaping101 video, I decide to make a 2 colour soap with a pencil line of mica. I adored the picture and mine looks like it's going to be ok....EXCEPT - I unmoulded it after about 20 hours but as I sliced it with a long sharp knife, the mica was dragged...
  18. C

    Gold flakes in M&P soap

    Hello everyone! Newbie here... I have been making M&P since 2008 and make soap favors for showers, weddings, etc on a frequent basis. I have a customer who wanted me to include gold specs in the soap. I've never done this before, so I wanted to know if anyone else has tried this and what did...
  19. M


    As soap makers we have many options for colorants - natural, labcolor, micas, etc. However, the latest trend in soaping is to offer products that are as natural/pure as possible. Natural colorants unfortunately do not offer bright and vivid colors as a mica or lab color would. What are you...
  20. S

    Ruby Rose Mica problems

    Hi happy soapers Hasn't anyone experienced problems when using Ruby Rose mica from The Conservatorie, because I've had mixed results? I'm posting this as perhaps it will help someone else and maybe help me too! 1. I made a test batch - 2 mini scoops of mica in 100g soap. Turned out great...