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Jul 21, 2014
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I recently spent a long time studying the hanger technique used by Petras SeifenKUNST. I normally don't like my hanger swirls done in a small regular sized mold. I prefer them done in a tall and skinny mold (i just can't seem to get them right otherwise), but it seems like this certain technique worked out in my small mold. I used see clay mixed with spring green from nurture for the green, and the speckles you see in it was my first attempt at using colloidal oatmeal. I used almond creme from rustic Escentuals, and it did discolor the batter. I look forward to trying this technique again without the additives and I will try to focus more on the swirls and color palette.




All I can say is wow, then wow again!!! As CTAnton said "Drop dead gorgeous swirls". They look amazing and I love your colours. I was looking at her videos this week and debating trying her technique. Now I can't wait to give it a go. Pity I'm working the weekend!!!