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    • meepocow
      meepocow reacted to Jersey Girl's post in the thread First Market with Love Love.
      Thank you! I got those shelves at Aldi at the end of the summer. They are actually plant stands but work perfectly for the soaps! They...
    • meepocow
      meepocow replied to the thread Donating Soap.
      This seems weird. Your logic is sound. A friend of mine assembles Christmas baskets for women's shelters, and one of the items she...
    • meepocow
      meepocow reacted to Mobjack Bay's post in the thread Donating Soap with Like Like.
      You can’t fix stupid. I’m sure the recipients of your soap are grateful that you passed it along.
    • meepocow
      meepocow reacted to dmcgee5034's post in the thread QR Code Soap Survey! with Love Love.
      Love it, @meepocow! I hope it works well for you. Your soaps are so lovely, I bet your friends and family are excited for them. I’ve...
    • meepocow
      meepocow reacted to KiwiMoose's post in the thread QR Code Soap Survey! with Love Love.
      A point to note regarding scent. I have noticed that some people have a 'nose' for certain scents but not for others. An example is my...
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