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May 29, 2021
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Cedar Falls, IA
Forgive me, but it’s been about a millennium since I’ve posted here. ;) I’m a rusty poster, and a rusty soaper.

I want to make a CPHP loaf today…

Tell me what you think. More explanation further down.

9.6 Oz coconut oil
16 Oz olive oil
4.8 Oz rice bran oil
1.6 Oz castor oil

Lye solution (38%): 12.16 Oz frozen coconut milk to 4.77 Oz lye

Added after the cook:
3 T coconut cream
3.2 Oz melted cocoa butter (as my superfatting oil at 10% with 2-3 T cocoa powder to that).

No fragrance added.
I have never soaped with coconut milk, and I’m just throwing a few T of the coconut cream in there for giggles, praying it doesn’t mess anything up. I have also never super fatter with melted cocoa butter, but I figured it would be easy to whisk the cocoa powder into.

Does this sound feasible or even good? Haha!


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Sep 23, 2010
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Forgive me, but it’s been about a millennium since I’ve posted here. ;) I’m a rusty poster, and a rusty soaper.
Noticed this was your first post, did you have another name you went under previously ?
Nov 15, 2018
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Not to pile on, but from the lye and water amounts you posted, your lye concentration is not 38%. I am guessing you used the 38% water as percent of oils setting, which in this case, is giving you something around a 30% solution. For HP, that is fine, but it is still safer and more consistent to use lye concentration instead of water as percent of oils.

The rest of your recipe looks ok - little high on the CO for my tastes, but you do have a very high superfat at 10%. Remember that the coconut milk will add even more superfat, which can inhibit bubbles and encourage rancidity.

If this were my recipe, I’d lower the CO and the SF. But you can certainly give it a try. I hope I haven’t discouraged you give. You haven’t soaped in awhile. Have some fun and show us pics when done, please. :)