Help! Replicating soap bar without the full ingredients list

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Feb 27, 2024
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I'm new here and am seeking out help from the soaping community.

A friend has asked me to replicate a soap for him, he gave me the list of ingredients printed on the box and a bar of soap.
This is what the box said: Goat's Milk, Mica Powder, Honey, and Saponified oil of Coconut.

Clearly, this is not the full list, I asked him to reach out to the person who made the soap for him before and he said they told him that all the ingredients are on the box. So I'm stuck, I tried making the soap using 100% coconut oil, honey, and no mica as I don't have something that will match the color of the soap he gave me.

I'm attaching an image of the soap bars, the large one is the one that I made (left side) the other soap bar is the one I'm trying to replicate (right side).

It's similar to a Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Skin Therapy Cream Soap Bar in look and feel.

Any help will be great.



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I agree with KwiMoose -- the ingredients list may indeed be complete, although I'm sure it's not in the correct order by weight.

It's entirely reasonable that this is a 100% coconut oil soap made with goat milk as the water-based liquid. They've added some honey for whatever reason -- IMO honey isn't needed for more lather given the type of soap this is.

No biggie to reproduce. Just use enough superfat and give the soap a generous time to cure and mellow.
Thank you for replying.

That's what I did, with a SF of 25%.

I'm stuck on this:

The thing is that the soap smells like cocoa butter, I understand that she was keeping the cost low with making this soap, so I'm wondering since it smells like cocoa butter and it's soft like a cocoa butter cream bar, how much cocoa butter did she add to the soap to hold the smell, color, and softness of a cocoa butter cream bar.

Thanks for any help.