March... in like a lion, out like a lion?

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my fingers are soooo cold right now...i cant wait for the sun to come out (im up in NY visiting the fam.... brrrrrrrrrrr!)
sunflowergirl, Don't taunt me, I'm very fragile right now, I'm still looking at almost a foot of snow and ice in my backyard! Oh well, at least the maple syrup will be really good this year (cold spring nights= lots of good maple sugar)
hows the job market out in SoCal though???? I was thinking of moving there at some point but Im scared with the economy right now...
ok, I'll send you some maple syrup, and you can send me some 70 degree weather...

oh by the way... The SNOW plow just went by... yup, it's snowing AGAIN....
Well, Ian, if I see any good deals at the sugar houses this year I'll let you know. I'll be glad to pick up some extra and pack and mail it for you if you're agreeable to this years prices.


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