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Sep 29, 2015
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I am just starting out in candle making and experimenting with different types of Ecosoya CB waxes and pouring temperatures. My question is about making a large batch of candles at once (as opposed to making candles one at a time). If I cool the wax to my desired temp, only the first couple candles might be poured at that temp. By the time I get to the 10th candle, for example, the wax would have cooled below the desired range. Would any more experienced candle makers care to share advice for producing larger quantities of candles at one time? Thank you!
I'm not a candle maker but, I do have an idea for you.

You could make a water bath at your desired temperature. For example, you melt your wax with the double boiler method (this means you already have your water bath). Then, when you take out your container with wax, let it get to the correct temperature. Add your FO and color. You can add ice or cold water to your double boiler water to get it to a slightly warmer temperature than your wax container. Then put your container with wax back into the water. This way your bath will insulate your container with wax. Plus, if it starts cooling too much, just add a little more heat.
Thank you galaxyMLP - I will try having a water bath handy. I guess my question was more about pouring multiple candles at one time without having to wait for the temp to come back up between pours. Maybe the answer is just "pour more quickly so the wax has less time to cool".

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