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  1. S

    How hot is too hot?

    Hello! I just had a simple-ish question... How much should I cool down my lye before soaping? I sometimes get impatient and poor not long after I create my lye solution, and I want to know if I should wait till a certain temperature for my lye to be at before I mix with my oils. I want to force...
  2. Soaper987

    Favourite soaping temperature

    What is your favourite temperature to soap at? What differences do you notice the temperature makes?
  3. B

    Essential oils and temperature

    I have only made a few batches of soap, and have a few questions. First, I’m not really trying to promote my soaps going through the gel phase since I use essential oils and natural botanicals that I’m sure are heat sensitive. What should the temperature of my cold process soaps be? I’ve...
  4. Kevin roberts

    My wife is not happy. The kitchen is a mess.

    This is my third batch and less of a failure than the first two. 30 oz coconut oil 50 oz olive oil 11 oz lye 24 oz beer I’ve been trying to dry a portion of this batch that volcanoed yesterday in the oven. I’ve been turning the temp up a bit every hour or so. At 170 degrees, a portion, about...
  5. ForTheDogs

    Fridge or room temperature for setting?

    After pouring M&P, is it preferable to let the soap harden at room temperature, or use the fridge? I know some folk pop their molds into the fridge to help it along, but I've seen many videos of folks that leave them out at room temperature. Is one better than another?
  6. B

    Maintaining Temp while Making Large Batch

    I am just starting out in candle making and experimenting with different types of Ecosoya CB waxes and pouring temperatures. My question is about making a large batch of candles at once (as opposed to making candles one at a time). If I cool the wax to my desired temp, only the first couple...
  7. Cherry Pit Soap Works

    Does Coconut Milk Speed up Trace?

    Hi Everyone! Does anyone know if coconut milk speeds up trace? And does lowering soap temp avoid this problem if it does happen? Thanks!
  8. 1

    What temperatures does everyone soap with?

    I'm curious as to what temperatures everyone soaps with. I personally soap at around 110 degrees and fully gel. I wonder if the 10 degree rule is followed by everyone or is it a personal choice? Would really love some feedback on this!
  9. S

    Layers separating in my melt and pour soap

    I have been making soap for about a year and have enjoyed every minute of it. I am still learning and I have been having problems with my layered soaps. The layers in the soap tend to separate while I am cutting the soap :-x I am using an organic base which is 100% all vegetable. I prefer to use...
  10. H

    What temp melts a plastic mold?

    I guess I have to find a temp gadget because the melt and pour soap melted all 4 of the molds. What temp should it be so it doesn't melt anything else? Thanks for your help! Heather