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Jul 9, 2015
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I'm Kristi & I have been making soap since 1980. I even helped my Mom make soap in the 70's.
I love cold process but lately have been doing some fun things with melt & pour. The most difficult soap I ever made was transparent soap from scratch.
I really enjoy all the great ideas that are available now. Keep them coming! :razz:
Thanks again for this great forum!
That's great, Kristi! Welcome, and please post pics, actually espec. of the mp. We have some folks on here who have been experimenting w/making it, I am sure they would love to see your stuff as would I.
Thanks everyone!

I have started uploading a few pics...it is only recently that I have started to take pictures of my soap! My bad, lol! The internet is so awesome for new ideas & I love the creativity of this hobby. Thanks for all your kind words! :D
Hi Kristi and welcome!
We LOVE soap pics!