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  1. C

    Hi! Thanks for adding me to the forum!

    I'm Kristi & I have been making soap since 1980. I even helped my Mom make soap in the 70's. I love cold process but lately have been doing some fun things with melt & pour. The most difficult soap I ever made was transparent soap from scratch. I really enjoy all the great ideas that are...
  2. NaturallyYou

    Looking for ideas...

    I tried to find a good recipe for my 1lb mold - and have a few ideas but was wondering if anyone is willing to share their percentages? I have coconut oil, castor oil, and almond oil to use... Any suggestions? Should I add in a different type of oil or take out any? This is my first time...
  3. WithLovefromNature

    Uplifting Song That May Just Make You Want To Get Up & Start Soaping!!!

    As I was slumping (already) on this cold Friday morning, lacking any and all motivation to put on the gloves and get busy, fearing that any soap design made would feel forced, I decided to jam. So I found the following song and decided, as I regularly forget do, that I should just sit back and...