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Apr 30, 2016
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A while ago there was this amazing post from SQ: How to use every last drop of fragrance oil so i thought I would like to share it with you (this is a summary of what the post was about) :

Take your nearly empty fragrance oil bottle and pour bath salts through a funnel into the bottle. When it is filled to the top, put on the cap and swish it around. Pour some liquid oil in (such as a tiny bit of olive or sweet almond oil) and swish it around some more. Take off the cap and empty the contents into a glass bail jar. You have a scrub!

To make bath bombs, take the salt oil fragrance mixture and put it in a bowl. Add citric acid and color. Press into molds.:):)


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Aug 1, 2013
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Birmingham, Alabama, USA
I saw that! I am going to try it. Right now I mix a bit of hot water in the bottle, shake it around, and pour it into the soap or the lotion. I adjust the recipe so there isn't extra water. Then I leave the top off and put the bottle on a windowsill. The open air and sunlight seem to help break down the scent so I can re-use the bottle.

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