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  1. C

    Aloe Vera liquid vs juice

    Hi! I’m wondering the difference between aloe liquid is and aloe juice? I want to make sugar scrub cubes with Shea butter and aloe but Idk which product to purchase. I’d like to try and make a dupe of the Harper + Ari because I love their consistency and texture. If anyone has any tips in that...
  2. shimmersoap

    Great Tip from SQ

    A while ago there was this amazing post from SQ: How to use every last drop of fragrance oil so i thought I would like to share it with you (this is a summary of what the post was about) : Take your nearly empty fragrance oil bottle and pour bath salts through a funnel into the bottle. When...
  3. S

    Botanicals in scrubs

    Hi guys, I have a question regarding Bath Scrubs I have been walking around for, for some time now. Will botanicals in your (oil based) salt/sugar scrub will turn brown? I have been testing for a while now (several weeks) and I haven't found any issues so far. Experiences? Thanks...
  4. M

    Emulsified Scrubs or Regular Scrubs?

    I have an upcoming conference in a few months a friend who is hosting the conference asked me to set up a table as vendor to sell some of my body scrubs. Well, I figured this would be a good opportunity to share my crafts and make some sales. I'm just a little confused on which scrub should I...
  5. S

    Should I make more then just soap?

    Should I be making more stuff then just Goat Milk Soap? Like balms, scrubs, etc? If so, what are some good things to start making? What sells best?