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  1. M

    Bath Bomb Help - Crumbly/Powdery

    Hi all! I've been reading through some of the threads and I can't seem to quite figure out what is wrong with my bath bombs. It took a little longer than usual for them to dry (left them for nearly 2 days to completely dry) and when they did, they seemed fine when I took them out of the molds...
  2. C

    Help with bath bombs

    Hi all I have recently started to perfect a recipe for making bath bombs. I have done research and looked at the type of bomb I want to create but I am really struggling to get it right. I have tried so much but it's not how I want it to be.. I want them to fizz but foam and for bursts of...
  3. WishingWell

    Bath bomb clumps?

    Hello everyone I am a beginner bath bomb maker and I have one very annoying problem! There are clumps in my bath bombs! I use a strainer to sift all of my dry ingredients but when I pour in my oil and wet ingredients then it gets clumpy and I have no idea what I am doing wrong, maybe my oil...
  4. S

    How much oil in a bath bomb?

    Hello all! I hope everyone is staying safe during the pandemic. I have been making bath bombs out of boredom and I'm looking for advice. So far I do: 2 cups B.S. 1 cup Citric Acid 1/4 Cup Epsom salt 1/4 corn starch 1/4 tsp SLSA 1/2 tsp kaolin I am looking for some guidance on how much...
  5. EllieMae

    Bath Bomb Questions

    I've now made a few batches of bath bombs and they fizz nicely, smell great and don't leave the skin feeling oily. But now I'd like to make some tweaks to accomplish foaming and floating. I found this website (http://howtobathbombs.com/wp/2018/08/22/make-a-bath-bomb-float-like-lush/) that claims...
  6. E

    Adding Citric Acid Last- Lush Bath Bomb Technique?

    Every bath bomb or bubble bar recipe that I have ever made involves mixing your well blended dry ingredients with your oils/fragrance/poly80 or wet ingredients. Today I came across an old article in Marie Claire with photos from a Lush tour. They included photos of an employee making bath bombs...
  7. Anstarx

    Moon Cake Bath Bombs

    Not sure if I can post bath bombs here but here we go. Sep 13th was the Mid-autumn festival here in China this year and my birthday was the day follows. In the spirit of the holiday I made some bath bombs to share with my friends and colleagues. I used a 50g mooncake press and each...
  8. K

    Using Lake Dyes

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some insight on using lake dyes, as I am new to using dyes and I could use some help! I have been trying to make bath bombs with lake dyes and I haven't had any real problems except one. When I hold the bath bomb in my hand (especially if it is wet) it will stain...
  9. Danielle_WM

    Bath Salts/Bombs-> Has anyone tried these Polysorbate 80 substitutes?

    Hello, I am not scared of ingredients like polysorbate 80 or Cromollient SCE, but I do like to add new or less common ingredients to my products. Experimenting is fun! Has anyone used these products to disperse oils, EOs, and colorants like micas in bath water (for salts, bombs, and bath...
  10. H

    Bath bomb recipe by my daughter and I

    We’ve been having a great time with this oversized batch. I hope this helps anyone having problems getting them to work. Any suggestions welcome! Ingredients • 10 Disk Mold & Packages • 2 cups Baking Soda • 1 cup Citric Acid • 1/2 c cornstarch 2 Tbsp...
  11. H

    Need Assistance w/bath bombs

    hello - The first time I made bath bombs, I only used FO and 91% alcohol to bind the ingredients. 12 hours later, they came out of the metal molds perfectly, except for one that crumbled. Yesterday I made bath bombs and I used 30g of shea butter to bind 8 oz baking soda, 1 oz cornstarch, 4 oz...
  12. B

    Bath bomb help (Oils)

    Hello everyone. I live in pa and was wondering for 601 gram of dry ingredient, how much oil and water should I use for my bath bomb?
  13. Dr. Sparklepants

    Bath bomb enthusiast

    taking a nice warm bath is something that I absolutely relish in, on a hot or a cold day, I love a good soak. I was a hairstylist for 10+ years but had to give it up to to repetitive injuries to my hips and lower back. I found that the comfort of a bath with a delicious bath bomb was so soothing...
  14. Winter-Rose

    Aloe Vera Gel

    I've never used aloe vera gel before but I make a bath bomb that soothes itchy skin and have thought about maybe incorporating aloe vera gel into it. Would this work or am I mad? Has anyone tried something like this before and has tips for me? Did it work? I have no other use for the gel so...
  15. K

    Carrier oil for EO AND FO?

    Hello y’all! I’m a newbie here. I’ve been making a few different bath products and I did learn long ago that my essential oils need a carrier oil. I have always just assumed that my fragrance oils need a carrier oil as well. I just realized I have no idea if that’s true. I did Google but I...
  16. DarthZombie

    Hey There, from California.

    Hi, I’m Casey. California born and raised. I realized a few months ago that I absolutely adore anything having to do with having a more luxurious bath. I’m actually here for all the bath bomb/shower steamer talk. Though I wouldn’t mind dabbling in soap too, once I get to that point. I’m...
  17. Lensi

    Vanillin oxidizing inhibitor in bath bombs and bath melts

    Hello! I have a lot lovely fragrances with vanillin which will turn my bath products brown over time. How do you deal with that? I use mostly dark colours till now but would love to make white products which don't discolour. I have a water dissolved vanillin stabilisator but don't use water in...
  18. N

    Kaolin Clay in bath bombs

    Hello everyone! I have a recipe for bath bombs and am needing to know how much kaolin clay to add to make my bath bombs more hard. I find that they are breaking so I wanted to add a stabilizing ingredient. If someone sees something wrong with my recipe please let me know. .20 oz. Epsom salt .45...
  19. Nutmeg Travels

    First ever batch of Bathbombs

    I love bath bombs and quite frequently will drop large amounts of coin at a certain bath bomb shop on the high street, so i got to thinking about trying to make them myself. So i placed a large order across amazon and the soappie shoppe [EDIT: actually is Soap Supplier] and almost everything...
  20. H

    Sles70% and coco betaine for bubble bar/bomb

    Hi. Im new here. All these while im just doing melt and pour and lye based soaping. This time i would like to try using surfactants. In my hand only have sles70% and coco betaine. Do i need to dilute sles to 27% or i can use direct follow the formulation? Anyone can help me the ratio should be...