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Jun 20, 2020
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So I made my first bar of soap a few days ago! I used a milk carton and a makeshift vise to keep the sides from bending outwards, but have a proper setup now for future pours.

It's an Olive+Coconut oil/Lard blend, which I added coffee grounds with, split into 3, and added cocoa to 2, before making a swirl with a coat-hanger. I did spritz with some methylated spirits, however there are still a few dimples on the top which I'm not sure about how/why they've appeared.

I'm happy with how it tuned out! Next time I'd like to try some scents, using goats milk, and maybe even pouring in a way that gives me the exfoliation on just one face leaving the other one as smooth. Leaving to cure for 4 weeks before I try it :)

You soaps look very nice and congratulations on your first bar. But please line that wire cooling rack with parchment paper, wax paper, a thin towel etc. Putting your soap directly on any type of metal can lend to spots of dos/rancidity with will appear as orange soaps on your soap. I am surprised no one else mentioned that fact to you. Even if a rack is powder coated it can have a scratch or defect that will affect the soap, so better safe than sorry.
Hi and welcome. Great looking soaps - especially for your first effort!

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