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  1. S

    Beginner Making Liquid Soap

    Hi! I thought this would be a fun project but am realizing I'm in over my head! I'm looking for some recommendations on a liquid soap recipe. I don't have much for quantities, just general ingredients that I'm trying to put into a recipe format. Aloe vera juice Coconut oil Postassium Hydroxide...
  2. Daaalyyynn

    I dont understand what is this

    Hi everyone! I’ve been trying to make cp soaps but I encountered this weird wet spots like upon cutting my soap. And the sides has holes as well as dark spots. It’s so frustrating. My recipe is attached. Hope somebody can help me figure this out and give me tips how to prevent
  3. C

    Liquid Palm Oil at Room Temperature

    Hi all! First time post here! I’ve made a few batches of CP soap and it was time to resupply, so I bought some ingredients from Brambleberry including two pounds of Palm Oil. When it arrived it was quite liquid, which didn’t concern me because I expected it to get to the 95 degree melting point...
  4. Putzii

    Double feelings

    Hi Team Experience, I am only new to soaping and only made around 18 batches in total. The thing is: every soap I made I can’t say I’m ever satisfied and it feels like I only have the exciting feeling when I actually soap & unmould. After that I don’t feel happy anymore with the...
  5. Suchisam

    Hi I'm new!

    Hi my name's Sam, I'm from Montreal and I've recently become fascinated with soapmaking. As a kid I had a huge closet and that's where my "lab" was. Now I feel like I'm doing it for real, especially with my safety goggles and gloves I look like a mad scientist. I have a binder filled with notes...
  6. Benjifrazer

    Soap Swirl levels

    What level would you give the following swirls? Would they be beginner intermediate or advanced in your opinion? and have i missed any? In the pot (ITP) One pot wonder (OPO) Drop swirl (DWS) Mantra Swirl (MSW) Taiwan swirl (TSW) Hanger swirl (HSW) Zebra Swirl (ZSW) Peacock swirl (PSW)...
  7. D

    Beginner Soap Maker

    Hi! First I want to say thank you to all of you who graciously answer questions because forums on this site have me the confidence and knowledge to start making soap. As with all things science, many factors play a part in the finished product and changing even one factor may result in a...
  8. H

    Can anyone help me?

    Hey everyone I’ve recently started making candles and at first they were turning out perfectly but now they’re looking frosty and I’m not sure why. I use soy wax and let them set in a silicone mould As you can see in the photo attached I get little holes in certain areas aswell as the whole...
  9. VeggieOPeach

    My DIY Soap Hanger Tool

    Hi everyone, I thought to go ahead and post this for some extra opinions, but I tried to create my own soap hanger tool using a hanger wire, some straws, and then ducktape. Also, I tried looking at some DIY videos regarding this handcrafted tool, and for the most part, people just stick with...
  10. Devivi

    Beginners gel phase question

    I’ve made two batches of cp soap so far so i am obviously still learning! Sorry this is kind of long... My first batch of soap (coconut sunflower and olive oil) i mixed when the lye water was still rather warm to the touch, placed the mix into a glass bowl (pyrex brand) wrapped in an old cotton...
  11. E

    Alternative scenting ideas?

    Hi! I’m new to soap making, as in I haven’t even done it yet lol! But I would really like to get started, I just have one question. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin. I use fragrance free soap currently, but I want to have fun with scents! But essential oils leave me breaking out in rashes. When...
  12. SpaceCorgi94

    First soap bar.

    So I made my first bar of soap a few days ago! I used a milk carton and a makeshift vise to keep the sides from bending outwards, but have a proper setup now for future pours. It's an Olive+Coconut oil/Lard blend, which I added coffee grounds with, split into 3, and added cocoa to 2, before...
  13. SpaceCorgi94

    Any real way of finding/figuring out fragrance oil weight online?

    So I'm new to soapmaking, starting to look into incorporating scents into my soap. Golden rule up to this point of course being, measure by weight, not volume. However, every website seems to exclusively sell their product in mls, not g(rams). Some I've even found have links to recipe...
  14. Niecee

    Forgot a butter in my CP soap should I rebatch?

    I was attempting my first swirl recipe , and the next day I realized I forgot to add my mango butter. Do I hot process to save it, or is my soap ruined? 12oz olive oil 10oz coconut oil 10oz palm oil 4oz grapeseed oil 4oz mango butter 12.24oz water (10% discount) 5.64oz lye (5% sf)
  15. MeeraBubbles

    Bubble Bath Meltdown 😩😂

    Hi everyone, I’m new to making bubble bath. The original recipe i found calls for: 1/4 cup Vegetable Glycerin 1/2 cup Distilled water 1/2 cup unscented Castile soap I came up with a lovely combination of essential oils and makes my first batch. Aromatherapy wise it was perfect but my bubbles...
  16. shermluge

    water forming then Soda ash after during saponification on 3rd of my batches

    Oil % Grams Almond Oil, sweet 10 80 Avocado Oil 0 0 Castor Oil 8 64 Coconut Oil, 76 deg 10 80 Crisco, old 20 160 Olive Oil 42 336 Shea Butter 10 80 Walmart GV Shortening, tallow, palm 0 0 100 800 Soapee Lye Calculator Total Weights Total Water Weight 304 grams Total...
  17. Emma Cook

    Buttered Popcorn soaps!

    I just cut these cute little babies! :) Buttered popcorn fragrance oil and designed to resemble bags of popcorn! I used a multipour tool for the stripes and I did a yellow and white ITP swirl for the buttery popcorn. The fragrance oil smells like kettle corn!! :p I’ll have to do some cleaning...
  18. artemis

    How quickly did you start

    I'm a bull-in-a-china-shop kind of gal. I grew up with my dad saying, "if at first you don't succeed, get a bigger hammer." So, when I decided to make soap, I bought the NaOH at the Lowe's, found a recipe online, and just tried it. I know there are a few here who also jumped right in, but more...
  19. Emma Cook

    Question about Colorants

    I’ve gotten several batches under my belt, but there’s still one thing I’m a bit confused about... Maybe it’s just me overthinking, but I’ve been wondering if there’s a “right” way to add colorants to soap. For example, I’ve read that it helps to mix colorants with a carrier oil, but my bars get...
  20. Emma Cook

    First Time Using Kokum Butter!!

    I used Kokum butter for the first time today. Used eucalyptus essential oil and textured the top. I love the way it turned out and I can’t wait to cut it with my new multi bar cutter! :) I’m 19 and I’ve only been soaping for a few months, but I’ve found my passion! I love experimenting with new...