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  1. G

    vitamin e oil by itself

    good afternoon everyone! i have never made soap before and i am interested in making some cold processed goat milk soap. i have been researching recipes and i have came across a lot that call for lard, olive oil, or coconut oil. however, the only oil/fat i am interested in using for my soap...
  2. Tiffany Wyatt

    First Batch Of CP Pine Tar Soap & Only My Second Batch Ever

    So last night I made my second batch of CP soap ever and decided that I was going to attempt pine tar soap!! o_O I know crazy right! In for a penny in for a pound! I researched for days first and decided on a recipe of oils that we love and that I thought would create a nice soap!!! I added some...
  3. M

    First batch fail ??

    Hello everyone! I’ve made my first real batch of soap . I’m not too sure if this is normal for the particular soap I made and know it’s tricky when working with only coconut oil . I made my batch July 26 . Saturday night and took it out of the mold july 27 9:30 am , when I tried to cut the soap...
  4. SpaceCorgi94

    First soap bar.

    So I made my first bar of soap a few days ago! I used a milk carton and a makeshift vise to keep the sides from bending outwards, but have a proper setup now for future pours. It's an Olive+Coconut oil/Lard blend, which I added coffee grounds with, split into 3, and added cocoa to 2, before...
  5. sophiayun

    My first CP soap loaf haha

    I've only made some candles and MP soaps But wow CP is too much, I'm still learning here though I'm glad I finished my first loaf of CP soap! There's lots to learn Phewww Hopefully I can make my own recipe some time for my kids having a really bad eczema.
  6. Michelle Ponder

    First attempt at embeds

  7. EllieMae

    My First CP Soaps!

    My first batch of cold process soap was finally *almost* firm enough to unmold! Split the batch into 4 little molds to play with colours. Two molds barely released from the mold after over a week, the other two didn’t fully gel properly. But all in, not bad for a first attempt. The most...
  8. NadiaLW

    First soap this saturday

    Hello, fellow soap enthusiasts! I am making my first soap, simple marseille soap, this weekend if everything goes well. I am reaching out to you with several questions, though. First, I am wondering what type of oils to choose. As it's a test and not meant for selling, I was planning on using...
  9. Misschief

    I have an idea

    First... mods, I'm not quite sure where to post this because it involves both cold process soap and m&p. If you think it should be moved, please, feel free. So... I want to combine cp soap with some m&p. (I've never worked with m&p) Basically the m&p will be a layer on the top (or bottom, as...
  10. C

    Lining Soap Molds

    Hi all, I'm about to endeavor on making my first batch of soap. The soap mold similar to the one I'll be using is linked below. Do I need to line it? If so, with what? Thanks, ACB
  11. MKRainville

    First time Bath Bomb; questions about colorants

    Hello everyone, I am going to attempt my first bath bomb (soon as my mold comes in) And I want to know what you reccomend for colorants. The colors I want to achieve are bold. I want to make a Peppermint/CandyCane/Starlight Mint look so I am looking for a bold red that wont stain to...