First Batch Of CP Pine Tar Soap & Only My Second Batch Ever

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Tiffany Wyatt

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Aug 19, 2020
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So last night I made my second batch of CP soap ever and decided that I was going to attempt pine tar soap!! o_O I know crazy right! In for a penny in for a pound! I researched for days first and decided on a recipe of oils that we love and that I thought would create a nice soap!!! I added some ground oatmeal and fine pumice for a light exfoliation. I soaped pretty cool and cpop’d took it out of the mold this afternoon but i am waiting a little longer to cut it.
I was quite nervous going in, but the batter behaved so well and was pretty nice to pour! Let it sit for like 2 mins then just gave a swirly to the top cause i like a little something on the top!
Took lots of notes with what i was using and how much time molded, time cpop’d, time unmolded, etc.... so that i can adjust anything that I might want to mess with in the future!

What are your thoughts on this and how it looks! I had such an easy time with it I’m worried that i screwed something up after reading all the horror stories about PT Soap!!


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That's funny that this is your second attempt. That soap looks pretty good for a second ever batch and given the type of soap this is, it's pretty amazing a feat.
Good for you! Glad it went so well. I've had batches that play nice too, but it's sure not the norm in my experience.

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