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  1. K

    Help! Brittle Soap

    Hi everyone! So I found a recipe by the Soap Queen (Back to Basics: Simple & Gentle Cold Process Soap - Soap Queen) and have made it twice. Both times the soap is brittle and cracks when I cut it. The first time I added FO and ground orange peels. The second time I added FO and coffee...
  2. Tiffany Wyatt

    First Batch Of CP Pine Tar Soap & Only My Second Batch Ever

    So last night I made my second batch of CP soap ever and decided that I was going to attempt pine tar soap!! o_O I know crazy right! In for a penny in for a pound! I researched for days first and decided on a recipe of oils that we love and that I thought would create a nice soap!!! I added some...
  3. sophiayun

    My first CP soap loaf haha

    I've only made some candles and MP soaps But wow CP is too much, I'm still learning here though I'm glad I finished my first loaf of CP soap! There's lots to learn Phewww Hopefully I can make my own recipe some time for my kids having a really bad eczema.
  4. cmzaha

    Shea Facial Bars

    These are my high Shea Butter Facial bars and the only odd-size bars I make. The Butterfly soaps are in a new mold I purchased from Aliexpress. The Basket is one I decided to finish after a couple of years, that I found after going cleaning out some stuff. It really is not crooked it just looks...
  5. KeepItSimpleSoap

    Tested my 100% Lard soap bars

    On Christmas day (12-25-19) I tested my Lard soap bars. It had been 31 days since I made them and I really didn't expect them to be fully cured. My original plan was to let them cure to the 15th of January. The soap made bubbles and washed my hands well but it left a greasy film. I didn't feel...
  6. Fruity and Floral

    Where to find a soapmaking consultant

    I am new in here so Hello everyone!! I did a great and long research about what I want to do about soapmaking up until now then made tests, created a couple of CP soaps and M&P designs succesfully at the end. (Still researching but not excessively) I need a consultant or chemist preferably an...
  7. K

    Mold on Soap

    Hello, I made a batch of CP soap back in July. Two weeks ago, I put it in Ziploc bags that I got at Michaels Craft store. Tonight I took them out to prepare for a festival and noticed that the flower petals on it has mold on them. Can I still use that soap if I cut the tops off? Or do I need...
  8. Vaibhav Jain

    Real life experience v/s. Theories - Salt (Sea,Himalayan,Table etc.) in CP soaps

    Hello guys, myself Vaibhav (a 3 years old soap maker ;)) and i'm from India, "Namaste" Guys here at "SMF" some of us (members) are beginners, some are at intermediate level (like me) and some are at Pro level but one thing which I feel is common among us is hunger for knowledge. Therefore...
  9. glendam

    Can I sprinkle Epsom Salts on top of CP soap?

    I have read in old poststhat epsom salts / magnesium does not react well in soap. However, if I want to use them just as decoration on top of it, do you think it would work? How about on melt and pour soap? I am trying to incorporate them in a design I am thinking of. Thanks!
  10. cmzaha

    Dragon's Blood Monster

    Poured this last week. Can you see the my Monsters? I think they look pretty neat :D
  11. HLN80

    My very first batch ever!!

    Cp Goat’s milk soap, I poured it about 2 hours ago! So excited! My daughter did the coloring and swirling
  12. KimT2au

    Ricing and not tracing

    Hi, .I am having mosf unproductive and snnoyannday at soap making. I am attaching some photos and hopefully a video of a batch that keeps ricing and will not stay at trace. This is the fourth time I have made this recipe and there are three things that have changed. This batch is smaller, I...
  13. GVKW

    Soleseife soap using soft oils... is it possible?

    Hi all! Trying to formulate a recipe for a client's special request custom batch - he wants a soap that looks like sushi rolls, with as-authentic-as-possible ingredients. I've always got avocado and rice bran oils and I've already sourced salmon oil, but I still need hard oils, even though...
  14. GVKW

    Are there any dupes for Neutrogena Body Oil's scent?

    It's my boyfriend's absolute favorite and I have no idea how to recreate it for CP...
  15. GVKW

    Can Sodium Lactate be added to FOs during prep?

    I'm still just having the darnedest time remembering to add sodium lactate to my lye liquid before soaping. Before I waste a couple ounces of fragrance oils experimenting, does anyone know of issues/problems that may arise from adding SL to your FO during prep instead of waiting to stir it...
  16. cmzaha

    Done with Lard_maybe

    I think I am finally done with lard even though I love my 45/22% Tallow/Lard and love the slow trace. Problem is, when I have a slow selling selling and smell an off smell in the soap it is always one with lard. Even my husband told me to stop using lard. :( It is not coming down with dos, just...
  17. GVKW

    Can you use Neutrogena Body Oil to make CP soap?

    Obviously it's a soft oil, so you would need to cut it with some harder ones like coconut and babassu, and I'm guessing the lovely fragrance wouldn't survive intact, but still... *If* one were gonna attempt it, could I use sesame oil in the calculator (with a healthy percentage of superfat to...
  18. GVKW

    Can Sodium Lactate be added to CP soap at light trace?

    I just tried a new recipe of my own devising for a coffee scented soap and (of course!), in the thick of things, I forgot to add the sodium lactate before combining my lye liquid and oils! I was at a very light trace when I realized my error and figured "aw, heck, what can it hurt?", so I put it...
  19. Jenn Lee

    Help making beautiful swirls in CP soap

    Good morning all! I have been making cp soap for about 6 months now and it's definitely got me hooked! Every time I try to make swirls I fail in some form or fashion. I've read about starting at a lower temperatures, with a very thin trace, making sure to only use EO/FOs that do not...