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Sep 19, 2011
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Southern California
Just an example why one should allow for the fat in Coconut Milk or Coconut Cream. I just opened up a 200 g box of Coconut Cream which actually weighs 194 g after removing the contents. The fat content alone is 126 grams. That would make a huge difference in superfat and a higher percentage of CO if I did not allow for it. My recipe calls for 167.2 g of CO and this contains 126g Fat. It pays to pay attention to the labels. This product is an Organic Creamed Coconut
I am confused, not enough coffee today, do you mean CM not CO?
I was not aware that CM has the Coconut Oil in it enough to make a difference in the CO in the recipe, just the Fat content
I believe that coconut cream is mostly coconut oil. The process for making coconut milk (hang with me for a second) is soaking and blending raw coconut in water. Coconut cream can then be removed from coconut milk by filtering or squeezing to remove the water. The cream is mostly fatty solids, milk is fatty solids (coconut oil) and liquid. It makes sense then that coconut cream is going to have a higher fat content. You could figure out what fat content you want to add, how much coconut cream to use, and add more water to it rather than using the coconut cream straight up.
Amd is correct, Coconut Cream is mostly Coconut Oil. The stuff is very tasty, but pretty high calorie. My daughter gave me several cartons she found when moving, which are getting a little old and she did not want to cook with it.
...I was not aware that CM has the Coconut Oil in it enough to make a difference in the CO in the recipe, just the Fat content

Have you looked at nutrition labels for coconut milk? It certainly can contain a fair bit of fat, and all of that fat would be coconut oil. See https://classicbells.com/soap/nutritionLabel.asp for two examples of coconut milk that have quite different amounts of fat in them. Obviously coconut cream is even higher in fat.
TY, good to know to learn something new :)

I tried to soap with the Coconut Cream and it didn't behave for me well. I like the CM better but hard to find one without thickeners.

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