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  1. cmzaha

    Fat Content of Milks or Creams

    Just an example why one should allow for the fat in Coconut Milk or Coconut Cream. I just opened up a 200 g box of Coconut Cream which actually weighs 194 g after removing the contents. The fat content alone is 126 grams. That would make a huge difference in superfat and a higher percentage of...
  2. Iluminameluna

    Unknown % palm oil and bovine tallow in shortening

    I'm overseas and trying to use what I can find to make soap. I found this shortening that ppl call "manteca" but it's made with some form of palm oil and bovine tallow (that's what it says on the pkg). The thing is, the pkg is 200g but the breakdown of the fats are only for the serving size...
  3. S

    Polyunsaturates, saponification and DOS?

    Any chemists out there? Does the level of polyunsaturation (and cis or trans) have an impact on the saponification in terms of speed or completeness? I got DOS in my 1st batch of CP soap made using 30% sunflower (no super fatting) - SF is the most unsaturated fat I have used. No sign of...