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  1. Dennis Marquez

    Superfat percentage in different countries.

    Hello everyone! I''ve been looking through lots of American and UK Soap tutorials on YouTube, and made some batches of soap myself. I live in Germany, but I'm from the Netherlands. Recently I've joined some german Facebook soap making groups ,which brings me to my thread title. The general...
  2. GeorgeM

    Deciding which oils to superfat

    I am new to soap making and I have been experimenting with different recipes. Lately, I was experimenting with olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil and hemp seed oil superfatting it at 10%. I have been using the lye calculator to calculate my superfat. My question...
  3. S

    SP CO soap at 20%?

    Hello, I’ve had this itching question on my mind that I’d like explained to me so I know more. I’ve seen many times that no matter what you put into your soap or superfat at, your soap will never be “moisturizing” but rather gentler instead. My question is: Why do people superfat their CO soaps...
  4. cmzaha

    Fat Content of Milks or Creams

    Just an example why one should allow for the fat in Coconut Milk or Coconut Cream. I just opened up a 200 g box of Coconut Cream which actually weighs 194 g after removing the contents. The fat content alone is 126 grams. That would make a huge difference in superfat and a higher percentage of...
  5. HLN80

    Help with superfat

    Hello, I’m a newbie, no soap made yet, I just want to keep learning and figure all this out, I’m interested in using our Goat’s milk to make CP soap and have checked on a few recipes but I do not understand what superfat is, when it goes in and how to calculate it. If someone could explain this...
  6. M

    Need to Get start !

    hi Everyone ! i'm a new soapmaker and i really LOVE the idea of making soap it's been a while i read alot of about the process, problems and technics, so i want to make my first step and get start. i bought almost what i need to make soap,materials, lye (NAOH) ,oils,..... but i really found...
  7. KimT2au

    When to add superfat using HP method

    Hi all Just a quick question as I am a bit confused (what's new). If I am using the HP method do I add the superfat right at the end of the cooking time so that it melts and I then mold the soap, or do I add it up front with the rest of the oils? Kim
  8. KimT2au

    Super fatting liquid soap

    Hi all, I am afraid this question shows my ignorance and lack of experience, but... is it possible to superfat a liquid soap? I thought the superfat were the oils that hadn't been turned to soap and therefore added a moisturising effect. I also thought that oils in liquid soap that had not...
  9. Zing

    I didn't superfat

    For the first time, I've modified beginner's recipes to increase the volume. I used Bramble Berry's lye calculator and set the superfat level to zero. What will my soap be like?
  10. M

    How much superfat for a higher percentage coconut oil shampoo bar?

    I am attempting to make my own shampoo bar (have not had good success with this in the past) based on a shampoo bar I bought and really liked. The two main oils are coconut and sunflower. All other oils are listed after the sodium hydroxide on the label. I think I would like to add lard to my...
  11. DianaMoon

    Hot Process and Superfatting

    I thought I understood the concept of superfatting soap with respect to cold process soap. Here is my understanding and if I’m wrong, please correct me. You plug your values into a reliable calculator and the lye will saponify everything but the percentage you’ve chosen. You don’t add 5% after...
  12. BattleGnome

    Salt Bars

    There is a 90% chance I'm overreacting, but I might have messed up my first salt bars. I'm pretty confident I'll be fine, I'm just worried about my super fat. Recipe: 24.03oz coconut oil 18.17oz fine sea salt .42oz Sparkling Snowdrop FO 3.32oz NaOH 9.03oz water plus micas and glitter I...
  13. N

    Lye discount. organic certification

    I've been soaping for 3 or so years now. For myself, my family, coworkers and my mates. I have someone whom has been using my soap and loves it. I don't sell it, its just thank you's, gifts and bartering material. (I'm careful, I'm slow and steadily moving towards awesomeness. I didn't just...
  14. N

    Testing for Superfat?

    Hi there! I've made a couple of batches of soap with moderate success. My primary reason for making soap right now is to use it in a homemade laundry powder recipe that includes borax, washing soda, and grated soap. I made one batch a couple of years ago and haven't had to make another...
  15. rosche

    High percentage coconut oil LS with 0% SF

    Hello everyone! I'm from Indonesia and I'm super new in soaping world. I'm planning to make my very first liquid soap, but there're some question I hope anyone can help to answer it before I jump to make it. 1. I calculate the lye and else in 3 different soap calculator I can find in the...
  16. Soul_Healthy

    15% sf still drying out my skin!

    Hi. I started with 6-7% superfat months ago and have moved all the way up to 15%. None of it makes a difference. It still dries out my face. I do the HP method, and I wait until my ph paper is the color of 8-9. I use essential oils for fragrance, and even when I lower the coconut oil down to 20...
  17. E

    Salt Bars?

    Hi everyone! I made my first salt bars yesterday, and I'm wondering about a few things. Do they go through gel phase? I didn't use a colorant, so they're pure white, and they never got that "gel phase" look that my regualar cold process soap gets. I know they get really hard really fast, so...
  18. R

    Super-fatting - what it is and how to do it appropriately

    I'm kind of confused about how superfatting is calculated and done. I've seen lye calculators that have an area to input SF % and then amounts of oil (in % - must equal 100). So if you want to make 5% SF and you want 35% CO, 35% OO and 25% lard, 5% castor, & you plan to use 500grams of oil...
  19. F

    Favourite Superfat?

    Do you have a general SF you like to stick to? I tend to use 7% (most of my recipes use around 20-25% coconut oil) - wondering if this is higher, lower, or on par with most? What is the highest you have used with a batch (assuming it's not one with a higher-than-usual coconut oil content)?
  20. A

    Adding Shea Butter to Pure CO Soap

    Hi! I've made quite a few batches of pure coconut oil soap with a 20% superfat and I loved all of them! But if I wanted to increase the luxury factor by adding a bit of shea butter, how much shea butter would I add? I was thinking maybe 5% shea butter, but then how much do you think I'd have...