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  1. MellonFriend

    Coconut Milk v Coconut Water

    I'm going to be making a coconut scented shaving bar (I just use a very bubbly recipe of mine, it's not a real shaving bar recipe) and I have it in mind to use some sort of coconut product as my liquid. I read that coconut milk gives some silkiness and extra fat plus a sugar boost, whereas the...
  2. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Is Coconut Milk Saponifiable?

    Trying to find oily additives that contribute to a soap's conditioning qualities. I thought about coconut milk. However, since the milk contains the very oil that saponifies to increase the cleansing effect, is coconut milk a bad idea after all ... or are there ways of managing this issue (like...
  3. Jibbian

    I think coconut milk powder turned my soap pink?

    Edit: Photo added... it's hard to see when the soap is dry though. I REALLY noticed it when I was using the soap in the shower—the inside had definitely morphed pink. I recently made a plain white soap with coconut milk powder and poppy seeds. It's been curing a couple of months, and I notice...
  4. Kimberly6891

    Adding Coconut Milk to Cold Process Soaps

    Hello - I've went through some of the posts and wasn't able to find an answer to this question. I think if I spend more time searching it out, I may, but I wanted to make this soap today and I'm in a 'crunch'. I wanted to start adding coconut milk to my soaps, but can't seem to find HOW. I...
  5. cmzaha

    Fat Content of Milks or Creams

    Just an example why one should allow for the fat in Coconut Milk or Coconut Cream. I just opened up a 200 g box of Coconut Cream which actually weighs 194 g after removing the contents. The fat content alone is 126 grams. That would make a huge difference in superfat and a higher percentage of...
  6. bizarrebunny

    preventing gel with water discount

    I just read somewhere that you can use a water discount to prevent gel. Does the same apply if I'm using coconut milk instead of water? Thanks Zoe
  7. S

    after making batch larger the soap gelled in the middle

    Hi. I need help with this. I have made a Room temperature method soap, same recipe for 4 yrs now. Have always made it in 500g batches. And then poured into single soap silicone forms after. Getting 20 single soaps out of the batch Now I wanted to make double as much. A 1000g batch with the...
  8. C

    Coconut Milk Soaps

    Hello, I have recently been trying coconut milk soap, and was wondering if I could pick all your brains for some suggestions! My difficulty has been that the soap becomes thick really quick - I am wondering if it is type of coconut milk, too high a % of hard oils, or stage at which I add the...
  9. Dean

    Maximum Coconut Oil Amount?

    Hello, I’m finding my 30% CO soap drying. What is the maximum percentage of CO that u found to be tolerable?
  10. N

    High Coconut oil soap?

    hiya, I've looked a bit through threads and surly this has come up before but i can't find anything. I use coconut oil in a lot of my soaps, not all of them but a lot. I keep it low usually 20% or less because it drys my skin out. But I'm wanting to make a coconut bar with my normal 72 or...
  11. KCupcake

    Green Soap!? Ah!

    Hi everyone! I'm EXTREMELY new to soap making and had just completed my first recipe a few days ago. Of course, this new experience brought on the feelings/thoughts of "Holy smokes! I made my first soap!!! I AM AWESOME!!!". Making the soap had a few of crap moments. I poured in accidentally 20g...
  12. LeaningTreeAcres

    Coconut milk solidified when lye added

    I'm making a HP coconut milk soap recipe that I have used many times. Hubby bought a different brand of coconut milk than normal, and it separated in the freezer, which doesn't usually happen. The lye dissolved fine and the milk didn't burn, but it did set up solid while it was cooling down...
  13. S

    Why can't I make white colored HP soaps!!!

    :cry::cry: I wanted to make white or at least ivory like color with HP. But it only came out tan, a dark ugly tan that is. Whilst I was stirring after turning the heat off, the color was really tan-like so I mixed in the white oxide (it's the only white I had in hand at the moment). That...
  14. Cherry Pit Soap Works

    Does Coconut Milk Speed up Trace?

    Hi Everyone! Does anyone know if coconut milk speeds up trace? And does lowering soap temp avoid this problem if it does happen? Thanks!
  15. M

    How long do I leave coconut milk soap in mold?

    Hello, I made 3lbs of Citrus Shampoo Bars last night. I used coconut milk in my lye mixture, instead of water. I am including the recipe below so you know exactly what is in it: 2oz Cocoa Butter 9oz Virgin Coconut Oil 11oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil 7oz Castor Oil 4oz Jajoba Oil 1oz Sweet...
  16. H

    Adventures with homemade coconut milk

    Hi everyone, so... Uh... Help... Find the perfect recipe is hard work but I almost did it... Almost... The recipe is for a goat milk soap that is moisturising, mild, cleans well...but the bubbles are too low. In an attempt to make it bubble more I added 5% castor, 3% sugar. Then I read that...
  17. M

    How Much Coconut Milk Powder?

    I love to make a coconut oil/coconut milk salt soap, but I'd like to try POWDERED coconut milk. How much to use? I have searched and have found 1 Tbsp. ppo. But that's 32 Tbsp. for my 32 oz. of coconut oil, which, if my math is correct, works out to be 2 cups of coconut milk. That seems...
  18. Bann51

    Coconut Milk- Liquid or Powder

    Hi. I'm seeing a lot of people are using coconut milk because it doesn't turn soap brown or because they want to stay vegan. Are any of you using liquid or powdered coconut milk? The coconut milk I'm seeing in my neighborhood is loaded with other things besides coconut. What are you using? Are...