Double mint salt bar + Himalayan brine soap

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Jul 19, 2019
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Double layered salt bar with two differnt mint: mint EO for the blue layer, menthol crystal for the white layer. Made over the last weekend.

This is my first time making a salt bar and doesn't look as nice as I wished. I used salt the same amount as my oil. The white layer turn out alright as it was the bottom layer in the mold. Poured smooth and feels smooth. The blue layer was traced a bit heavy when pour and salt wasn't mixed too well so it's quite lump when poured. The blue was achieved through mixing 1 part green clay to 1.5 part blue clay.

I prefer the look of my pink brine soap that I made back in August. They've been curing all this time and I just started using them.

I used Himalayan salt solution and rose clay for color. It's unscented, but smells surprisingly ok as I usually dislike high coconut soap smell.
Nice shade of blue it turned out to be.. I don't expect salt bars to be too smooth so I think that layered one is very pretty :)

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