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  1. Jenny Sparks

    Crumbly Salt Bar… What went wrong

    I attempted to make a small batch of salt soap for the first time today. I did 80% coconut oil, 5% castor oil, and 15% olive oil with 20% superfat. Lye:water ratio was 1:1.8 and I soaped at room temperature. I also added 1 small spoon of green clay to the oils. I added a fragrance oil calculated...
  2. Anstarx

    Double mint salt bar + Himalayan brine soap

    Double layered salt bar with two differnt mint: mint EO for the blue layer, menthol crystal for the white layer. Made over the last weekend. This is my first time making a salt bar and doesn't look as nice as I wished. I used salt the same amount as my oil. The white layer turn out...
  3. 2018Apr31 - 2019July24 In Hawaii

    2018Apr31 - 2019July24 In Hawaii

    Salt Soap (1:1 salt:oils) humidity effect test: 2019July24 in Hawaii; soap is 15 months of age; at 4 weeks, the humidity in Hawaii resulted in this kind of beading within a much shorter timeframe; Conclusion: Longer exposure to humidity needed after a longer cure
  4. Bonneville Salt Flats Soap - Lather

    Bonneville Salt Flats Soap - Lather

    Soap I made with salt collected from the Bonneville Salt Flats outside of Salt Lake City, Utah Soap made on Aug 18, 2018 - 20% SF, 82% CO, 18% HO Safflower oil, 20-25% Salt (% oils) age 7 months when this lather test was performed; still rather drying to my skin at this point (March 28, 2019)
  5. Ma'amMixalot

    All coconut salt bar

    I have been wanting to try a salt bar and possibly a 100% coconut oil soap with 20%sf. Most of the salt bar recipes call for large percentages of co so I decided to combine these curiosities. Having never used either, I was expecting a scrubby bar of creamy lathering soap. What I got just feels...
  6. kelly2019

    help with layers in a sunflower mold

    I want to make a CP salt/spa bar and have a salt layer on bottom, but I want to do the reg recipe on top where the flower design is, (which means on bottom since I'll be pouring into the silicone sunflower molds.) Will I pour my reg batter in and then wait until it hardens somewhat.... add the...
  7. ulrurunaturals

    Great resource for soap recepies This is where I tried my salt and Saline bars all came out great the very first time
  8. T

    Playing Around With Melt & Pour Salt Bars

    Hi Everyone!!!! Happy 4th of July!!! I am super excited to share my newest recipe. I have been slaving away at trying to make a Salt Bar Recipe for Melt and Pour. So I have tried different amounts and types of salts and I think I found the perfect blend for me. I tested it on myself and love...
  9. N

    Salt bars w/Kelp meal?

    So this may seem a bit odd... I keep goats and they get a bit of kelp meal as a treat with some dried peas and sunflower seeds. I've been going outside of my safety soaper zone alot lately with all sorts of fun things and i just can't get the salt bar with kelp meal out of my mind. I mean this...
  10. Seawolfe

    OMG salt soap! And a gradient!

    So again copious notes because I am a nubcake. And lousy pics because I insist on doing cell phone pics in-situ. Apologies if I'm not loading the pictures right. I had been reading all about salt bars and settled on making one last night. I'm supposed to be waiting for my shipment from SMR to...
  11. roguehippo

    Immediately Rebatched Salt Bars

    Has anyone ever re-batched salt bars within 24 hours of making them? Yesterday I made salt bars for the first time and used 1:1 salt to oil ratio. When I tried to take them out of the silicone molds this morning they were super crumbly. So I decided that since it wasn't a super large batch I...
  12. sunfloweracres

    Has anyone made Salt Bars with Beer?

    I am trying a batch tonight. I have made shampoo bars with Dark Side Vanilla Porter beer, Wheat Germ, and Bayberry FO that are my best seller so far, and have made a couple batches of salt bars with water, Red oxide, and Honey Almond FO (they smell like Cherry!). Tonight I am experimenting with...
  13. Wendy.B

    Salt Bars Leaking

    I have never really been interested in making salt soap bars, but after a number of years making soap thought I would give it a go, because everyone says how great they are on the skin, and I am always up for being a lab rat for something new. However I think, there has been a gremlin in the...