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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Sodium Gluconate (SG) &/ Citric Acid in Brine Soap to deeply clean oil & dirt

    My #1 aim is to maintain the apparently deep cleansing and oil fighting properties of magnesium, calcium, and potassium in BRINE soap. However, do these same wonderful minerals promote rancidity and soap scum? Furthermore, do chelators like sodium citrate (derived from adding citric acid) and or...
  2. Iluminameluna

    Huge soleseif error I don't know how I can fix.

    Earlier this week, I created a modified version of a recipe I've already made before. A lard/OO/CO76/Castor (%: 50/30/15/5). I include a photo of my printed recipe with notes, because it illustrates the glaring mistake I made that I didn't see until just now. My oil percentages (amounts) are ALL...
  3. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Bad behaved yellow. Yellow / brown to mask DOS?

    Why is the rich yellow color from annatto fading so strangely in S38? The color of both bars started out being homogenous and with the same intense yellow. (20% of oil was infused with annatto seeds at 1 g seeds to 1 g oil before seeds were strained off.) However, the color of S38 is fading in...
  4. peachymoon

    Is this brine soap a bust?

    Hi all, I've posted about an issue with brine soap previously. I had some spots on my first batch that looked like undissolved fine pink himalayan salt, and some of the bars eventually developed DOS so I trashed the batch out of precaution. When I tested the soap (before DOS), I loved the...
  5. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Fresh & Other 'Perishable' Ingredients (& Natural Packaging Materials) in CP Soap

    In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, I am also keen on using dry ingredients like oat flour, corn flour, aloe powder, etc and packaging matterials that include cotton. 1. Am I correct in assuming that, provided they are very well pureed or ground, perishable ingredients are less likely...
  6. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Rancid 25% Brine Soap (but other batch perfect)

    I made tiny batches of 1 or 2 small test bars. In total, I did 6 iterations; two 25% brine (and four 60% crystalline), all using oils from the same bottles. All done within a 24-hour period. Both brine soaps were done within 2 hours of each other. However, one iteration (#2 below) reeks of...
  7. Anstarx

    Double mint salt bar + Himalayan brine soap

    Double layered salt bar with two differnt mint: mint EO for the blue layer, menthol crystal for the white layer. Made over the last weekend. This is my first time making a salt bar and doesn't look as nice as I wished. I used salt the same amount as my oil. The white layer turn out...