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You bet they die
Jul 28, 2018
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Perth, Western Australia
Hi all, I wondered if anyone here is a member of, or could recommend, a suitable forum or bulletin board for people making their own skin care products. I had a look via google and I didn't find much. I would be grateful for any recommendations.

Thank w

If you're looking for recipes, there are tons of facebook pages and mommy blogs out there.

If you want more of the science, try these:
Companion FB group:
Susan at Swift Crafty Monkey is also good.
Thanks, DeeAnn, it isn't so much looking for recipes as much as just reading what others are up to and to join in discussions; something similar to soapmakingforum.

I second the Swift Crafty Monkey blog. It's by subscription only, but you can access a lot of info for only $1 per month.
Thank you. I see this blog mentioned a lot but hadn't realised it was such a reasonable subscription. I will definitely check it out.
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